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Birthing unit after previous 'high-risk' preganancies

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AgentOfShield Mon 12-Jan-15 10:41:27

Hello, apologies in advance for the essay!

With ds1 I developed pre-eclampsia just prior to my due date and as I was already 3cm dilated, the consultant suggested inducing as (in his words!) 'we were already here and all'. My first experience of labour was pretty crappy as I had hoped for as non-intrusive labour as possible in the birthing centre and instead I was bed-bound on the labour ward and hooked up to all sorts. Gas and air made me very sick and so I was convinced to have to have an epidural despite my reservations. ds was in distress 12 hours into labour resulting in an assisted ventouse delivery. He required oxygen at birth and contracted an infection which hospitalised us for 2 weeks but thankfully, is he now 6 years old with no further medical issues.

With ds2 my pregnancy was considered 'high risk' and so (it felt like) I was given no choice about where to birth. ds2 was two weeks over due and so I was induced again. Bloods showed that I was borderline pre-eclampsia but midwife said she was not worried at all as it wasn't surprising given I was SO pregnant. I was again on the labour ward with some medical intervention (epidural was suggested because he was a BIG bubs-10lb, 4oz) but despite this ds2 was born happy, healthy and screaming the house down.

So now we are pregnant again with #3 and I am wondering whether or not it would be possible (and wise) to birth at our local birthing centre rather than on the labour if my previously pregnancy was classed as high risk? Hubby and I feel that we didn't have much of a say where to birth the last two times and it would be nice to have the calmer environment of the birthing unit rather than the clinic feel of the labour ward. Our local birthing unit is attached to the hospital so if there were any complications I could be moved easily and obviously, when the time comes I will do what is best for bubs (even if that means the labour ward againhmmsad).

What are your opinions/experiences please?

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