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Choice of ELCS or VB, help!

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Feathers1981 Sun 11-Jan-15 09:39:33

My 1st labour was v.long and ended up in an emergency situation as DS had shoulder dystortia, which is where his shoulders got stuck and they had to drag him out @ risk of breaking his collar bone arm. Luckily he came out quickly once they realised, but risks associated stem from minor nerve damage to cerabal palsy (1 in 1000) to death (rare). He was 10lbs which they think caused italthough 50% of time it happens to small babies.

This time baby is smaller, looks due in at 8-9lbs (depending on when it comes). They've offered my ELCS. They say risk of shoulder dystortia again is 2.5-5% if I opt for VB but they are comfortable with either.

I'm worried about my toddler,and difficulties breastfeeding. Also worried about pain relief, I'm allergic to ibuprofen, diclfenic, voltarol, aspirin. I can only take mild codeine, not tramadol. Also v.reluctant to take morphine after previous experience of being out of it and irrational....not good with a newborn. So wondering how I'd cope on just paracetamol post section! But risks even tho small worry me about VB.... ��

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