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Action or wishful thinking?

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FTRsGotAShinyNewNN Fri 09-Jan-15 17:59:31

Has anyone's labour started after a general feeling of 'out of sorts' I'm 37+3 with DC2 (DS is 6) I saw my midwife this morning and baby is fully engaged and she could only feel shoulders no head.
All day even before seeing the midwife I've had this feeling, nothing that I can put my finger on just odd. I've got a sort of dull ache in my lower tummy sort of like period pain but very mild but nothing else.
So is it just wishful thinking or could this be a precursor to some action?

Jenny2014 Fri 09-Jan-15 18:07:32

I'd say if it feels different and your unsure call the hospital and see if they'll check you over. I felt odd and turns out my dd was wrapped up tight in the cord. Don't want to worry you, but it's better to be safe and put your mind at rest.

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