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Who else is due? (im jan 15th)

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silverfishlondon Fri 09-Jan-15 14:28:10

I have all the baby stuff laid out, read everything on birth and babys, feel healthy and prepared, and now have to wait for baby to turn up!

What's everyone else doing in this last bit? I've been on mat leave a while so the novelty of free time has worn off ( but ive loved it ) . I have 3 lunch dates booked with girlfriends to keep me busy next week, but would be very happy to cancel if baby comes early. I figured if I don't book anything to do it will be late and feel longer.

Anyone having a sweep at due date? It's my first baby and midwife says we can do that at 40 wk appointment.

OrangesJuicyOranges Fri 09-Jan-15 14:33:46

I'm having a section next week. I'm bumbling around the house cleaning random stuff (dust from top of skirting board, behind the bin, under the oven etc) I also decided the chairs in our kitchen were completely unsuitable and ordered, and just assembled, four different ones. I have done a tesco order and am in the process of doing another one to arrive when we get back from hospital. I'm also enjoying chucking stuff out. I love getting rid of clutter but my husband likes it all the hang around - so while he's out, it's off to the tip. (Don't worry, it's my stuff not his.)

I woke up in a cold sweat this morning panicking that there will be a BABY in my house and I'll have to look after it blushblushblushblush

Tonight I'm teaching husband how to clean the bathroom. Properly.

Good luck for you. I think consensus is to chill out and enjoy the time off, but I'm hopeless at relaxing!

Ryslady Fri 09-Jan-15 14:46:17

Hi I'm due jan 17th. This is my 2nd dc, I have a 8yr old DS and I'm having a girl this time.
I too have been on maternity for a few weeks, however 4weeks of that was annual leave. So I understand when you say the novelty of free time has worn off!!
I am having a sweep on my due date I don't know why I was offered one with it being my second but I agreed anyway. I'm gain for anything!
Not really getting any twinges or anything, but am really really excited!!

Lumptysmum Fri 09-Jan-15 15:02:17

I'm due on Sunday, 11th. This will be DS3, already have DS1, 17 and DS2, 14, so quite a big age gap! It's almost like the first time again I'd forgotten so much. Maternity leave started on Monday so have had a few days of pottering around doing 'stuff'. Don't seem to have achieved a lot though hmm
I was really hoping something might happen today as DS2 is profoundly disabled and is away at respite tonight. Would have been so easy to have sent him off to school this morning, popped out a little brother for him today, then be home for him when he gets back tomorrow lunchtime! Ahhh, what it'd be like to live in a perfect world eh?! grin
Good luck to you other ladies, hope you're not waiting too much longer.

MurtleTheTurtle Fri 09-Jan-15 15:05:45

I am due on 14th with my 5th. I have been pregnant for the last 3 years more or less and I am fed up! Had lower back pain all day but the others were all late so I doubt this one will decide to come early. I don't think I'll even be offered a sweep until 41 weeks as they are quite strict here.

Nothing lined up for next week really but this thread has prompted me to start a big tesco order!!

Bicnod Fri 09-Jan-15 15:12:07

I was due 29th December and still no blooming baby!

I am mostly humphing around being enormous and grumpy.

This will be DC3... Every morning my DSs wake up and ask 'is the baby coming today?!'

Two sweeps down, one tomorrow, dreams of home birth looking increasingly unlikely, induction booked for Tuesday morning. Apparently I'm already 3cm dilated and cervix favourable so not sure why baby isn't coming! Grrrr!

silverfishlondon Fri 09-Jan-15 22:00:11

Hello everyone!
Well I havnt even reached due date so I guess I should at least be more patient till then. but after all the milestones over last nine months every day seems to drag now. Baby's moving like crazy, I know she's in there, just can wait to see and hold her!

Just had my Tesco order delivery tonight, seems we are all doing that !

Lumpty- unfortunately I think baby's unlikely to turn up at a convenient time, that would be too lucky! Must be difficult with children already to figure out childcare for when labour kicks in.

Bicnod- were your other children homebirths? I'm hoping for homebirth but thinking flexible

PassTheAnswers Sat 10-Jan-15 03:58:33

I was booked for elcs on 15/1 which has just been moved forward to 12/1 due to concerns about dc. Shitting a brick.

Not to mention I had plans for next week including our house going on the market and two huge furniture deliveries which I now rather need to postpone!

Does work out better in a way as will have a week of recovery before having a rampaging toddler on the loose at the weekend and fingers crossed no postnatal ward stay over the weekend.

Bicnod- went overdue with dc1. One of the most frustrating experiences so you have my sympathy. have you managed to not kill anyone asking if there has been any sign or news? Because yes dear sister I would have told you if we had had the baby. Have an update on my cervical mucus to shut you up!

hope you get your homebirth

helloelo Sat 10-Jan-15 06:24:50

I'm due on the 12th. So fed up! Can't sleep, there's no more dust to clean anywhere, baby stuff is all organised, I've walked 45 min everyday for the last month, bounced on the yoga ball every evening... That's it... I'm done... GET the f* OUT!

It's my 1st, I had no idea it was like that at the end. Mother Nature is smart, a month ago I could have sworn being pg was the best thing ever, I didn't want it to end and I was thinking about having about 10 more kids.

DH is freaking out ("it's our last weekend together"?!?!?!) so doesn't want to have sex to speed things up. Keeps saying "please not before the 19th", as if I can do anything about it...

Loads of hand holding ladies <3

sallygib Sat 10-Jan-15 06:56:31

helloelo not only am I your due date twin but could repeat your exact emotions!

I'm pumped, prepped and ready to go. Over-analysing every twinge and actually desiring pain to kick in. I'm sure I'll be regretting these thoughts soon. So far there have been no real signs despite a decrease in both heartburn and appetite. I have a sweep booked in for Friday and a week ago Mw said head was very low. Where the eff is it then??? X

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Sat 10-Jan-15 08:23:57

Hi, I'm due a DS on the 22nd, already have DD (3) who was 11 days late so have been trying to tell myself that I will be late this time too. Keep getting runs of BHs at night and not sleeping well but this is partly due to DD/cats/ toilet visits.
I had weeks of twinges/BH/ backache and not labour with DD before the real thing happened.DS has dropped much lower the last week and enjoys wriggling and rib kicking. I don't enjoy pregnancy at all and would quite happily go into labour now, if only we could choose. hmm

Portobelly Sat 10-Jan-15 11:43:29

I was due in the second.
I'm still waiting.

Bicnod Sat 10-Jan-15 12:47:55

Hi ladies, baby girl Bicnod born 3.19 this morning at home smile weighing in at 9lb 14oz shock

Lumptysmum Sat 10-Jan-15 13:28:06

Congratulations Bicnod! Glad you got your home birth. But blimey, 9lb 14?! She was a corker as my Nan would say!! flowers

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Sun 11-Jan-15 22:21:08

Congratulations bicnod smile
I am being internally beaten up every evening and getting a lot of BHs but not very hopeful that labour is imminent as had lots of this type of thing for 3-4 weeks before DD made her appearance.
Fed up and keep pointlessly planning good days to go into labour.

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