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Preparing for ELCS - And how DH can help

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Ilovechops Thu 08-Jan-15 15:57:37


I have opted for an ELCS following some problems following my first birth. It's been a difficult decision as I don't really think either option is ideal but the risks they have presented me with seemed too high so ELCS in this situation seems the 'best' option.

Anyway, I have 8 weeks left to prepare but as this is DC2 feel very much that all preparation has been left to me (and I haven't done any yet!). Last time around we did the NCT and so DH was quite 'involved', we did hynobirthing together and he was very very interested in helping. I know he will be this time too but I think because he thinks it's an ELCS he doesn't see how he can help until baby is literally here in the house. For example, i said I wanted to look around the hospital ward and he couldn't see the point. I think he thinks it's all 'out of our hands' and I am sure that's the case mostly but would like to come up with a list of things to:

a.) buy for baby and self
b.) prepare at home before the arrival
c.) take into hospital
d.) have set up for when I get out e.g. a cleaner? shopping deliveries?
e.) mentally prepare before it

And then at least dish out some of the responsibility to him If I can do. He isn't good at buying things / shopping for baby stuff really but is good at cooking / DIY so those sorts of things he could help with in the preparation.

Also is there anything we can read on what to expect for the ELCS itself? The hospital haven't given me a date yet and I wonder if they will run through this with us then (36 weeks) just seems a bit late in case he/she comes early.


Genevieve1976 Thu 08-Jan-15 20:04:59


I am Sat here bricking it as have c section in am with first baby. Was told on Tuesday. I went on here to find out tips and experiences. I know other half feels helpless, I'm just going to make sure I tell him exactly how I m feeling and what I need, but understand y our frustrations with DH.

Hope you manage to get him more motivated and it all goes ok, as my other half said if I don't tell him exactly what I need/want he's not a mind reader, men!!!!! ��


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