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anyone else see & feel their baby breathing in utuero?

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bigfam Wed 07-Jan-15 12:34:51

Do other people feel & see this?? This is my 4th pregnancy and I never had it with any of my others. It's where her back is positioned, I 100% know she is practice breathing it's amazing, I can see and feel it and then sometimes she get the hiccups afterwards. Has anyone else experienced this? grin <3

j200 Wed 07-Jan-15 15:09:42

Yes, its my first pregnancy but noticed it last week at 39 weeks, got a bit worried at first but after research found its quite normal smile

BloomingOrBallooning Wed 07-Jan-15 15:18:34

Yes at 35 weeks with my twins. Never noticed it with DC1. My consultant said it was a good sign that babies were not stressed.

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