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Anyone have a successful vbac when previous birth was failure to dilate?

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LuxuryTrifle Sun 04-Jan-15 04:32:48

Have been considering vbac/hbac. Read the AIMS vbac book today and expected it to fill me with confidence to dispute hospital statistics but in fact it confirmed them and worse - in my particular scenario, at any rate.

I apparently have a lot of risk factors which I won't list all here, but Part of the issue is I never dilated past 2 cM last time. Despite five days labour. The main reason seems to have been mechanical - only an 8lb3 oz baby - not rhat big really - but my pelvis is android and really really shallow depth. It was actually a pro-hbac independent midwife who agreed that label and explained it - and even the spinning babies website mentions that people will my profile do just sometimes have to go caesarean. Though I will try for vbac!!!

When the previous both was EMCS due to baby breach position etc that isn't an indication vbac won't work. By contrast, lAims say that baby size and pelvis issues are indications that only 20 percent chance of vbac success. So I am wondering if anybody had experience of that - are you in the twenty percent? And if so what do you think helped you do it?

MrsHoolie Mon 05-Jan-15 21:56:48

I'm afraid my 2nd was an EMCS having been through it with my first for failure to progress.
1st baby,long labour,syntocin etc. Didn't get beyond 4cm.
With my 2nd I changed my mind daily about whether to try again or go for an ELCS. On my due date I had a major wobble and booked in for an ELCS at 41 weeks. Labour decided to kick in before so I gave it ago. Yet again I just didn't dilate.
I've had many friends who've had a Vbac but most of them had a c section the first time due to fetal distress.
questions to ask yourself.

How much do you want to try a Vbac?
Would you be disappointed if you don't give it a go?
How supportive is your hospital or midwife?At my hospital they allow Vbac labour/birth in a pool but this is rare.

My 2nd section was worlds apart from my first and an amazing experience. It was like an elective really. They lowered the screen when DS was born and we saw the sex for ourselves.
I still wish I could give birth as nature intended but it wasn't to be,and I'm over it now.
You may give birth in a couple of hours next time,who knows?
I would go with your gut feeling and thoughts about it.

MrsHoolie Mon 05-Jan-15 21:57:49

Forgot to mention that I went into labour both times,no induction etc.

ag123 Tue 06-Jan-15 16:22:34

Hi there,
Sorry I have no answers to your question but was just wondering if I could ask you say the main risk factor is failure to dilate during previous birth...does it give any description of what this means? I had an emcs with the birth of my first child due to a variety of factors including failure to progress past 7cm (whilst being drip induced) and ds was just starting to become distressed. Would this also apply as 'failure to dilate'? Also, ds was 11lbs at birth and when describing my previous birth experiences to my gp she mentioned the fact that you might expect my 'passage'(!) to cope with big babies (I'm 5'10" and distinctly big boned!!) mention someone analysing your pelvis shape... Do you think they could also analyse your 'passage' blush ?!!!!

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