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Really early part of labour - what does it feel like?

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TimefIies Sat 03-Jan-15 20:57:15

I'm 41+1 with my first. I have lower back pain and have had some tightenings in my bump. The bump tightenings are not painful, and I don't really notice when they start and finish.

I read that contractions feel like they move from the top to the base of your bump. I haven't had that.

Does this sound like the start of labour? hmm

LooksLikeImStuckHere Sat 03-Jan-15 21:13:01

So hard the first time isn't it?

Mine started as lower back pain and then spread round. Honestly they were so painful that I couldn't have said where the pain was coming from (sorry, probably not what you want to hear!)

If you don't notice when they start and finish I guess it could be the very start but still a way to go?

Think you need someone who's had more than one! Good luck and congratulations! flowers

GozerTheGozerian Sat 03-Jan-15 21:16:17

With DS1, my contractions didn't move, they just got more intense. Like period pain crossed with an electric shock. Definitely no mistaking once they started. DS2 was a full on, waters breaking scenario!

NotSpartacus Sat 03-Jan-15 21:22:25

Mine didn't move either. They were just like braxton hicks but had a little more bite somehow. It has been some years but I remember them seeming a bit... prickly in my lower back. I just knew they were the real thing, probably because the BH were in the day, but labour started at night for me and woke me up! After a few hours it was confirmed because they got more regular.

tealady Sat 03-Jan-15 21:25:27

At first just like period pains, but then fairly soon progressed to something much more painful. No doubt by then it was labour.

HotSteppa Sat 03-Jan-15 21:25:31

I'm overdue though only by 2 days with dc2. Even though I have done it before I am looking for signs and signals everywhere. Blitzed the house? Must be my nesting instinct kicking in, baby can't be far off. Back ache? Here comes the baby! Mild cramping? Oh, it was just a poo, but maybe this is me clearing out coz the baby is on the way! Sounds like something is happening for you but as another poster said once it starts you won't be in doubt. I would just carry on as usual as far as possible, if it is uncomfortable take a couple of paracetamol and go to bed try and get some sleep, you never know you might wake up to something a bit more established. Really hope this is it for you grin

Dogsmom Sat 03-Jan-15 21:39:52

Mine were just like a period pain, I woke up at 5.30am half aware I had mild cramp, a bit like when you think you may be about to have the runs, I didn't give it much thought and fell back to sleep then 20 minutes later the next one woke me and I wondered if it was the beginning of a pattern.
Sure enough 20 minutes later there was another so I had a wee and noticed blood when I wiped.

Turns out it was the beginning and they gradually increased in pain and frequency and dd was born midday the following day.

Keep us updated, I love a labour thread. smile

TimefIies Sat 03-Jan-15 22:11:11

Thanks all - I think this is it, am chilling out with a brew and convincing myself I have all the hospital stuff ready. Hopefully will get some sleep and baby will make an appearance tomorrow smile

LooksLikeImStuckHere Sat 03-Jan-15 22:15:30

Good luck!

BlueThursday Sat 03-Jan-15 22:39:04

Good luck - 40+2 here and already fed up; just can't get comfy at all and been feeling sick the last 2 days

Jodie1982 Sun 04-Jan-15 00:51:59

Good luck TimeFlies. Hope everything goes well for you! smile

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Sun 04-Jan-15 08:57:57

I'm 37+3 with DC2 and was awake in the night with mildly painful BHs but its not getting worse this morning. Baby was jumping on cervic in an extreamly uncomfortable way last night. Had weeks of this type of thing with DD and she was 11 days late, so not expecting much to happen yet.
Good luck everyone

HotSteppa Sun 04-Jan-15 08:58:00

Any news? Keeping fingers crossed for you!

Noyoucantwatchpeppapig Sun 04-Jan-15 09:05:45

Just realised my post is full of typos and doesn't help OP.blush
When I actually went into labour last time the contractions were waking me up but between them I felt entirely normal. Pain mainly in bump, can't remember which bit of bump though. In contrast the crampy BHs are more of a constant niggle which eventually just seems to tail off.
I had very small amounts of mucus plug up to a week before bit the majority of it didn't come away until late in labour along with waters.

Mammanat222 Mon 05-Jan-15 13:58:14

Mine started as period pain. Mainly in back but it was bearable, came in waves but was manageable to start.

TimefIies Mon 12-Jan-15 02:26:39

As requested, eventually, dogsmom!

Yes, my waters broke in bed at 2.30am after I posted my question! I wore flip flops in the frost, splashing my feet as I walked through the hospital foyer.

I measured 2-3cm dilated and was having contractions every 2-3mins on arrival. Went to midwife led unit, could barely get any words in between contractions for 13 hours. Was in the birthing pool and sitting on the edge of the bed. As waters had broken, was sitting on absorbent mats for the goo. The only way I could get through contractions was with breathing, if I stopped doing the rhythmic breathing I was in agony, so I couldn't concentrate long enough to eat, and even washing my hands was a multi task too far, so resulted in very painful hontravtions.

Because my contractions were so close together I expected to be more dilated than I was, I still wasn't classed as active labour even though I was getting max 60 seconds between contractions got hours on end. I asked for pain relief and was given morphine.

I was told several times it was too long since my waters broke, and I would go yo the delivery suite yo be given a drip. It kept being in half an hour, waiting for them to call back etc.

When I eventually went they had just started me on gas and sir, and I was in a wheelchair with little awareness beyond the pain.

On arrival in the delivery suite they decided baby's heart rate was too variable, 8 or 9 staff we're rushing round attaching things and introducing themselves. All at once I had a cannula & drip attached, along with a catheter, epidural, heart rate tag for baby's head, blood pressure band attached, whilst i was being given injections, and an oxygen mask, as well as the gas and sir, and bring told yo change between them at various points.

They talked about doing an emergency c section, but then everything seemed to calm down. The night shift came on and I spent a relaxed few hours drinking and chatting in a private room under epidural, me, my husband and a midwife. Having a epidural meant one on one care, and also that I couldn't feel any pain from contractions.

I was 8cm dilated and just waiting to get to 10cm. My contractions were initially slowed from the original 2/ins apart, but picked up again. The midwife said when I got yo 10cm I would wait an hour and then push; the epidural would make pushing painless. Honestly being in the delivery suite with an epidural was much calmer and less painful than labouring in the midwife led unit, however great the pool and dimmed lights are.

Suddenly there were more variations in baby's heart rate and more people rushed in. They wanted to scrape baby's head to check the pH levels. They didn't like the results and suddenly it was emergency c section time. I had to sign a consent form, noting they may accidentally slice my other organs, I might need a hysterectomy etc- very scary.

Before my husband could get the scrubs on that we're chucked at him, we were out the door to theatre. I was asked did I want to see over the screen, and said no, no gore please! They explained all they were going to do, massaging my torso, applying antiseptic etc and asked if they could shave the top if my pubic hair. They were explaining all the anaesthetics and stitches etc when I heard this dound like a circular saw the other dude of the screen, and shouted out oh my god! I had expected someone to say something before they started cutting! Turns out it was the razor for the hair... They should really explain that!

Then don't one said are you expecting a large baby? We replied no, baby is measuring pretty average. But we hadn't had a scan since 20 weeks. They said something about it bring very large, then, it's a girl!

We named her Miranda Zoe and she was 10lb 5oz. We went home after 3 days, but had to be readmitted 2 days later as she had lost too much weight. She has put some back on, and we're waiting for some breast feeding advice tomorrow, as my milk production is not enough yo sustain her. We've started domperidone ( preferred the sound of Dom Perignon) to increase my milk supply.

Sorry for the typos, inbetween late night feeds in hospital on phone.

5dogsgoswimming Mon 12-Jan-15 09:42:26

On and off pains, for me on and off backache which got worse over 24 hours before I went to hospital and was classed as being in labour. (First time)

Second time around it was shooting pains in bum which gradually moved to my lower back and got worse over maybe 3 hours before I was classed as being in labour.

In addition to this I had a show first time round when contractions started but no show second time around.

Good luck!

5dogsgoswimming Mon 12-Jan-15 09:43:21

And if the pain gets too much, I can highly recommend an epidural which for me meant the pain stopped completely

mupperoon Mon 12-Jan-15 10:07:37

Congrats Timeflies!

Miranda Zoe is a lovely name.

Your story has a lot of similarities to mine - long slow labour with little progress, then an EMCS (although to be honest my whole experience was a lot less fraught!).

Try fenugreek capsules for the milk supply, it's worked for both me and my sister. My milk took 6 days to come in but at 5 months I have LOADS!

squizita Mon 12-Jan-15 12:12:54

Mine didn't start like they told me.
It started like I had the runs and needed needed needed to poo - but I didn't have the runs! My contractions just started low rather than moving down. All that happened to me was they got bigger and hurt more until the head popped out some hours later.

I had a borderline precipitous birth though. Rang mw worried about "food poisoning" at 8 pm. Baby arrived midnight.

Hurt like feck but no time for anything other than water and gas/air. Thank goodness I coped, and I'm no birth warrior type. grin

squizita Mon 12-Jan-15 12:13:42

Just read on ... congrats!!

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