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Best N London hospital for consultant-led care, probabal cs and stay on postnatal ward?

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ag123 Fri 02-Jan-15 20:13:28

Ok, so only just found out I'm pg with dc2 but am already going round in circles trying to decide which hospital to go to!

Had dc1 at the Whittington and had a pretty traumatic time of things- induced labour with failure to progress resulting in emcs, ds was 11lbs at birth so they struggled to get him out of the cs wound, resulting in extension to wound, 2l blood loss and infection afterwards.

My time on the postnatal ward I would remember with one word as 'horrific' with really unsupportive staff even though I was really poorly and, on reading back over my notes with an obs and gynae doctor friend I learnt that I was moved back down to the labour ward post-birth not only because of how poorly I was but also because the doctor in charge felt the postnatal ward staff weren't looking after me like they should have done (since I was so poorly).

Long story short, I am quite hesitant about going back to the Whittington and since there were complications I am quite terrified about the thought of a (probably inevitable) Caesarian again and feel that I want to have the best people doing it. I am also expecting that because of my history + other things like I'm overweight now I will probably be consultant-led from the off.

Part of me thinks that the best people (consultants etc) will be at a teaching hospital, and my nearest is UCLH. That is certainly not my nearest actual hospital though...
I am in Bounds Green so I think distance-wise my nearest hospitals are: 1. North Middlesex (not very good reputation) 2. The Whittington (previous experience + not tht easy to get to from where we are now- nowhere to park and not that easy on public transport) 3.Barnet Hospital (again not that good reputation) 4. UCLH 5. Royal Free

Anyway, oh my god, sorry for the mahoosive post but does anyone have any opinions/advice about what I should do?

BeanCalledPickle Fri 02-Jan-15 21:16:46

I had DD in Barnet by ELCS and am having second there in May. Ante natal is fine and no problem getting a section though did have medical need. With DD they were only doing one ELCS a day so we called at six, up at eight, baby at ten. The two nights on the ward were awful. Care was fine. Noise and General disruption just awful. But I've come to accept that as normal.

This time round Barnet has merged with chase farm and they now have five planned sections a day! They have private rooms but these can't be booked. So I'm hoping I will be lucky. They also are now happy for you to go after 24 hours if you are ok on your feet and baby is feeding etc. So I will be chanting you never have to do this again just to get through it!

Bounds green to Barnet will be a pain transport wise. Parking is a nightmare. Though I can tell you where you can park locally! I actually think that if I were you I'd go for UCLH. They do extra scans at 32 weeks and you can transfer your actual birth to another hospital in North London if this suits. If you have a planned section you could literally get the tube in and a taxi home! I've known plenty of people even this far out who've chisen UCLH for their care. Does this help??

ag123 Sun 04-Jan-15 16:10:15

Thank you BeanCalledPickle yes I kind of feel UCLH is the right choice and it seems it is the hospital of choice for more complicated cases. It's just the thought of having to mission it on the tube for appointments which is a bit unappealing but then I'd have to do that to get to the Whittington from here (+buses) and I just don't think I can bring myself to have full trust in North Middlesex...

BeanCalledPickle Sun 04-Jan-15 17:36:26

Do you work in town? That would make appointments more convenient? Just a short walk from kings cross so shouldn't be too bad!

I wouldn't dismiss North mid out of hand though. I tend to think reputations are based on word of mouth and people rarely talk about the regular non good non bad experiences. You only hear the horror stories and they deliver 3000 babies a year so inevitably you'd expect a couple of bad experiences!

ag123 Tue 06-Jan-15 19:42:07

Hi again.
No, I actually work nearer Barnet. Have given my form in now so I'll see how I get on with travelling to antenatal appts. My gut tells me this is the right choice though.

CuntWagon Tue 06-Jan-15 19:47:39

Barnet has not "merged with Chase Farm". They were always the same trust, that trust has now been acquired by the Royal Free.

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