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Anyone induced at 37 weeks? Doubting my decision.

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GingerbreadPudding Thu 01-Jan-15 10:33:58

I posted about this before, sorry for any repetition.

I have obstetric cholestasis and baby needs to come out at 37 weeks. I had to choose induction or csection. I met with a consultant last weekend and will do so, with a different one this weekend to make final decision.

He talked me through the induction process, which goes ahead regardless of whether baby is engaged, cervix is favourable etc. (neither of which is the case now at 35w, 5days). They try to break waters then insert a pessary, six hours later another pessary and another go at breaking waters, six hours later a third pessary. If nothing is happening or it's happening too slowly they out me on the drip. I asked if I could have the pessaries and then opt for section if they didn't work but he said no, and that once you're on induction you 'should give it a fair chance.'

I said I was concerned about the high likelihood of intervention such as ventouse and forceps with any induction, let alone an early one. He said I could opt for a section if they felt they needed forceps etc. I honestly doubt this would be the case - surely they'd be 'just ten minutes and forceps and this baby will be out' rate than prep me for a section.

So he signed me up for an induction and said I could chat with the other consultant this weekend and change my mind if I wanted. (I hadn't made my mind up either way). I have read and read and read and spoken to people who've been induced, had emergency and planned sections and I think I want a section. I'm terrified if the cascade of intervention with an induction anyway (having really worried about it all pregnancy and decided on a home water birth with a doula and to avoid induction as long as I could.)

But having read a thread on here from a woman asking about induction at 38 weeks I'm now doubting myself. Am I being selfish for being terrified of an induction? Is there a good chance it could go smoothly? I know that the outcomes for a planned section are better than an emergency one (for the mum). I also know that baby when mum has OC is more likely to produce meconium during delivery and induced babies are also more likely to do this. I'm just going round in circles of panic and worry about this.

I've had horrible rib pain and been signed off work since week 20, I can't drive at all and can't walk or sit for long either. So the thought of a longish recovery period doesn't bother me in the slightest since I've been in horrible pain for so long.

I'd love to hear any tales of induction at 37 weeks , planned csections or advice. I feel like the doctors have an agenda for induction (cheaper I'd guess) but I know a 'normal' vaginal delivery is a 'good thing.' I'm losing so much sleep over this - please help!

sarahbanshee Thu 01-Jan-15 11:15:04

There's a score for labour readiness- can't remember what it's called but Google it or someone medically knowledgeable may come on and tell you. But it tells you how ready your body is for labour eg how far engaged baby is and how open the cervix is. If you are above a certain score , induction has a good chance of being successful; below a certain score induction is likely to be a long, painful process and may not be successful so it may make sense to go straight to section.

That was my thinking when I was getting ready to have DD, having had a long painful induction with DS which culminated in ventouse and episiotomy plus a bad year. I can't remember the score details because in the end I went into spontaneous labour with her and all was fine; but I wouldn't go into another induction knowing my body wasn't well ready.

That was my thinking - YMMV of course. Good luck.

GingerbreadPudding Thu 01-Jan-15 12:51:18

Yes, I've heard this too. I would like to be able to be assessed in this score at 37 weeks but, by this time, I would have missed out being booked in to one of the csection slots they have available. I know they have six slots a week and I have provisionally been put down for the last one. If I suggest this,I'm worried they may remove my name from the csection slot and then I'll be forced into an induction.

jenmcspen Thu 01-Jan-15 14:27:54

I have OC and have an induction planned for 38 weeks. I am currently 35+6. I wasn't offered the option of a C-section, but am happy that induction is the best option for me. I am aware that it may be a long process and I am at higher risk of intervention and possible EMCS, but my mw has been very honest in preparing me, and I do want to try. I feel more comfortable with induction at 38 weeks than the 37 weeks that was initially suggested by a different consultant.
Ultimately you have to make a decision that you are happy with, as going through with an induction you are unsure of is likely to mean the process is more stressful. If you feel comfortable and happy with the plan of a CS, then I think you should go with that decision and try not to second guess yourself too much.

georgedawes Thu 01-Jan-15 14:32:10

Not what you asked but I had an induction at 39+5 due to pre eclampsia. Baby eventually born 3 days later, avoided instruments but tough. If I get pregnant again I would need to have the baby by 37 weeks, and would definitely opt for a caesarian, I know it's not an easy option but neither was forcing my baby into labour when it wasn't ready.

Good luck!

GingerbreadPudding Thu 01-Jan-15 14:53:03

Thank you Jen and george for your replies. I research OC and birth at 37 weeks is preferable to 38 apparently so it might be worth checking that out. I wasn't 'offered' a section but I asked if it wasn't a better option and that's when the discussion started. I am thinking myself into a real state about it.

Fishandjam Thu 01-Jan-15 15:06:27

I was induced at 37 weeks with DC2, due to OC with pre-eclampsia. Lucky for me, after two pessaries didn't work they proposed breaking waters and syntocinon drip, with EMCS if things didn't progress. I was ok with that plan - as it turned out, labour went very well and DC2 was born after 6 hours. I had a mobile epidural which was fantastic as well. It was all very calm and controlled, although I tore a bit (not much, and couldn't feel it anyway due to the epidural). I always say I'd happily go through that birthday again - unlike DC1's, which (due to the OC only being spotted when my liver was severely failing) was an emergency induction with old-style epidural, ventouse and forceps, and a theatre on standby in case it all went TU.

Fishandjam Thu 01-Jan-15 15:08:46

Sorry, should have said DC2's induction was planned well in advance, and that she was fit as a flea. DC1 was done at 38 weeks and he ended up quite poorly with jaundice (probably not related to the OC though!)

Fishandjam Thu 01-Jan-15 15:11:38

Pps birthday? Meant birth!

GingerbreadPudding Thu 01-Jan-15 15:33:30

Sadly my hospital don't do mobile epidurals. That does sound like it would have been a bit better.

MamOfTwo Thu 01-Jan-15 15:41:10

I had OC and DD2 was born by planned section at 37 weeks - best decision for all. OC was not picked up until very late with DD1 - was induced at 38 weeks and ended up with emergency section. Recovery much, much easier from elective section. Good luck with whatever you decide.

FelixFelix Thu 01-Jan-15 15:45:51

I was induced last December with my DD at 37 weeks due to OC. I'm quite surprised they offered you the choice of a C section! It wasn't even mentioned to me.

I had a great birth. Being induced can take a long time with waiting for the pessary to work etc, but literally the worst part of my labour was how boring it was waiting around for things to happen. Once I was on the drip, things moved quickly and dd arrived within 5/6 hours. I had an epidural which was brilliant. It was all very calm and no intervention required.

I would think very seriously about choosing a CS as it is major surgery, which personally I would try and avoid if it's not really needed. The recovery time with having to look after a new baby would really put me off. Obviously it's your choice but that's just my personal opinion. I know often a CS can't be avoided and I am in awe of every woman who has to have one!

I would weigh up the risks and have a very good chat with the consultant about each option if you can. The thought of being induced is very scary and I was terrified once it was booked in, but the reality really wasn't half as bad as I expected.

FelixFelix Thu 01-Jan-15 15:46:28

Sorry forgot to say good luck, and I'm sure which ever option you choose will be the best one for you smile

Ducky23 Thu 01-Jan-15 16:29:24

I was induced at 37+2 in December.

Went in on Saturday, was put on the monitors for a while then had a 6 hour pessary inserted, after 6 hours I was contracting every few minutes. They kept monitoring me and decided due to the contractions they couldn't give me another pessary so tried a sweep. They did this and left me for the night. The sweep stopped everything confused

Went to labor ward in the morning and waited around to have my waters broken. I had a high posterior cervix confused they then left me for another 4 hours.

After 4 hours nothing had changed so they put me on the hormone drip and I had an epidural. The epidural wore off at one point and I did it on gas and air. I was advised to have the epidural as the pain would come thick and fast and they wanted me to get some sleep but it was ok so kind of wish I didn't have one. We then found out it was how I was lying and after some shifting about it worked again.

8 hours after the drip was put in I was 10cm, they said they would leave me for an hour to allow baby's head to drop but ds was ready 30 mins later.

Ended up with an episiotomy but this could be just due to the fact I had an epidural? And ds was a big baby.

Good luck grin

HangingInAGruffaloStance Thu 01-Jan-15 16:45:18

I was induced at 38 weeks for medical reasons.
Ended up with forceps, but this was due to DD's head being wide and my pelvis being narrow, essentially.
The pain was incredibly intense with sudden onset, and my midwife told me that this is common in early inductions. All was fine after getting an epidural.
I am glad I had the birth I did, rather than a CS. It was good to be able to move around and hold DD straightaway.

VeryPunny Thu 01-Jan-15 16:51:49

I have had an EMCS and a forceps delivery. I had an extremely straightforward recovery from my section but recovery from forceps was in a different league - driving within 3 days.

Intervention in birth can be straightforward, it's not all doom and gloom.

Fishandjam Thu 01-Jan-15 20:35:07

Agreed very. I think pregnant women are encouraged to fear "the cascade of intervention" when really it's not (necessarily) that bad. I should have added to my post that with DC2, she was breech - I was offered a CS but I desperately wanted to avoid major surgery (especially with a vigorous 2 year old already at home!) so I opted for a manual turn. Thankfully it worked. So you could say that with DC2 I had pretty much every intervention going, save for forceps/ventouse and a CS, and it genuinely was all fine. A calm, happy experience.

sanfairyanne Thu 01-Jan-15 21:19:20

i was induced at 37 weeks, pretty much everything ending in em c section. honestly - i would ask for percentages - what percentage end in , y, z intervention

the good part of labouring was the next baby (hard to think that far ahead!). i had a really quick second labour vbac because i had already laboured once, even though it ended in a c section

i would still choose induction i think

TarkaTheOtter Thu 01-Jan-15 21:29:15

I have been induced twice at 38 weeks and both have been successful (vaginal delivery, no instruments, no tearing). Both times before starting the induction process I showed no signs of readiness. In both cases I needed one pessary to dilate me a tiny bit so they were able to break my waters, then onto the drip. Once in the drip both deliveries were within 6hrs. First time I had an epidural, second time I didn't. As I was flat on back anyway I thought the epidural was better.

Fwiw my hospital didn't offer a mobile epidural but the epidural I had was light enough to let me feel pressure but no pain.

MabelSideswipe Thu 01-Jan-15 21:29:15

Just wanted to add that all hospitals have the same type of epidural. They are a mix of anaesthetic and opiate which allows some movement and feeling in legs. Rare indeed to be able to walk about but kneeling is usually possible with encouragment (it's the pain which encourages moving). Your hospital might not call them mobile epidurals as its a misleading name. Check out peanut shaped birth balls on Google for a tool that cab really help imprive outcomes with an epidural and help better positioning.

Jenjen3657 Thu 01-Jan-15 22:54:10

There are a lot of replied regarding inductions, something I can't comment on as have never been induced. I did however have an elective C section 2 weeks ago. I had it planned due to back problems. I have to say if I have anymore kids I will automatically be out for a section but I wouldn't have it any other way! The experience I have just had was fantastic! I know its major surgery and I might sound like I'm hopped up on pain meds saying it was fantastic. Honestly I had my section on the 17th, stopped taking pain relief 9 days later. Stayed in hospital for 48 hours and was discharged with my daughter. I had her on the Wednesday and on the Sunday I was out walking with her in the buggy. My wound has healed up beautifully and with no complications at all! After my section I was up 7 hours later for a shower (entirely my choice).

The surgery itself was very calm and relaxed no panic or stress as I had sort of imagined there to be! The consultants chatted away the whole way through explaining about the spinal, checking for numbness etc. I was taken in for the section at 3:50pm and my daughter was born at 4:18pm and we were out of surgery and in recovery before 5pm.

My point in sharing this is I was told only horror story's about sections and infections and all sorts of problems/complications. I know every experience is different but I think it helps to hear a positive one now and again smile

Hope all goes well what ever choice you make!!


capecath Fri 02-Jan-15 16:23:56

DS1 was induced by drip at 33+5 after a placental abruption and mjor bleeding. Had 4 hours of very intense contractions and 10 mins of pushing. Tore slightly but nothing major. DS2 was induced at 40 weeks just by breaking my waters. Also contracted for about 4 hours, but pushed too early and lost 1l blood from my cervix. Had to have a ventouse delivery and episiotomy which was not great.... May have to have a c-section now with DS3 due to low placenta. Heard loads of people raving about the speed and lack of pain with an elcs, although tbh the thought scares me slightly and I know there is more chance of postpartum haemorrage (research suggests c-sections are actually more risky for the mother, but then that is also contested). I think there is more chance of needing intervention for a natural delivery if you have an epidural, but then again, I didn't and needed it with DS2... doesn't necessarily mean you will need it if you're induced early though!! Tough choice...

Pastperfect Fri 02-Jan-15 16:35:17

I was induced at 37 weeks due to anxiety (so no physical reason).

Had 2 pessaries 6 hours apart and when examined 4 hours after second midwife said that I'd need another one as there was no sign of labour. Three hours later I was holding my DD and two hours after that I was on my way home.

Perfect smile

GingerbreadPudding Fri 02-Jan-15 16:40:07

Thank you for all your messages. I am still really not sure. Seeing doctor to decide tomorrow morning, I think I've almost read too much as there are so many pros and cons for each option and the fact that no one knows what will happen makes it really tough.

The induction could go awfully and end up in horrible tears/forceps/rushed section. It could go really well as it seems to have done for lots of people here. I suppose the section is more predictable. Ideal would be an induction that went well. I think I'm worried that at 37 weeks it's less likely to go well...

slightlyworriednc Fri 02-Jan-15 16:49:21

Not an induction, but a very difficult labour where my baby seemed 'stuck'- I was pushing for over 2 hours. I had made it clear in my birth plan that I didn't want forceps, and when it became clear I might need them I reiterated this...they agreed without argument and started to prep for a section. Fortunately for me I had a couple of massive contractions and pushed him out just before they took me to theatre.

Just wanted to make the point that they didn't push the forceps issue.

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