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Birth after letz for CIN 2

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Ilovechops Mon 29-Dec-14 14:19:16


I've had 2 x lletz procedures and my cervix has been slightly removed as that's where the abnormal cells were found.

I have one DD who is 3yrs, complicated birth as back to back and therefore slow to dilate but in the end ok, ended up with a 3rd degree tear but recovered well. Anyway A friend of a friend has told me (she's a GP) that after a lletz procedure between births at the second time her cervix would not dilate, in the end she ended up with an EMCS.

I am interested if anyone else has experienced this? Or if anyone has had lletz cauterisation on the cervix and gone on to labour no problem. I ave been offered an ELCS anyway due to previous tear and am weighing up my options really and want to consider this aspect too.


meglet Tue 30-Dec-14 17:58:36

I had 2 x LLETZ for CIN3. They didn't quite get all the cells first time around and had to repeat it 6 months later.

My cervix didn't dilate after 12 hours of strong labour with DS so he was an EMCS, really bloody lucky we were both ok actually. They were thinking about inducing me (due to my waters starting to leak a little) and the consultant said that with hindsight it would have been catastrophic if they'd done that sad. He said I had a severe case of cervical stenosis. I think we were all rather relieved it had ended in an EMCS with DS and me both ok, it could have been a lot worse.

As a result even the midwife said I should never try a natural birth again and we all skipped happily to a nice ELCS with DC2 2yrs later.

MrsDiesel Tue 30-Dec-14 18:04:22

I had lletz treatment in 2011 for cin 3, then gave birth in 2012 to ds vaginally with no problems. On first examination during labour I was 2cms dilated but my cervix was very thin. All very straightforward. No-one even mentioned the lletz as q possible problem.

Ilovechops Tue 30-Dec-14 19:09:16

Thanks for your stories. Meglet yours sounds very similar to what I've heard before. I am nervous of that because in my first labour it took me 40 hours to get to fully dilated. This was however probably due to my DD being back to back so the contractions were coming but didn't 'do' anything as the pressure wasn't in the right place I guess. I'm worried this might happen again but a big part of me doesn't want an ELCS due to recovery time and having a 3yr old. Saying that it took me over 6 weeks to feel 'recovered' from birth one and the Dr only signed me off to exercise at 8 wks so perhaps it's not all that different unless you have a very straightforward vaginal birth.

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