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What monitoring after 42 weeks were you offered?

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Victoria2002 Mon 29-Dec-14 11:41:10

Am 42 weeks today, anyone else been in this situation? What monitoring did you have? Placenta scan/amniotic fluid levels measured or just babies heart rate? How often?

Pandasandmonkeys Mon 29-Dec-14 15:49:08

I went into labour after 2 sweeps at 42 + 5! Hospital were panicking somewhat to say the least!!
I had a placenta function scan and had to go for daily monitoring. When dc was finally born she didn't look at all 'over cooked' and then my dates were questioned!
I'd say to do your own research and reading about going post dates, and if you still feel comfortable waiting it out, be firm with the drs about your decision. But be prepared to hear some scary statistics - good luck x

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