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This could go on for days, couldn't it?

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schmalice Sun 28-Dec-14 19:35:43

I am currently 40+1 with my first DC. The last few days I've had lots of lower back pain and quite a lot of period type cramps. Non of the cramps have been regular enough to count or anything exciting like that!

Things seems to ramp up a bit at night and I've needed to take paracetamol to get any sleep but again nothing that takes my breath away.

I'm guessing this is some kind of cruel pre labour that gets my hope up or is it actually the start of things?

I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday and I was contemplating asking the midwife to see if I was dilated at all?

Not sure what I'm asking but I think I'm just really hoping this could be the start?

ARandomFridayIn2012 Sun 28-Dec-14 19:49:09

Depending on where you live the MW will hopefully do a stretch and sweep for you anyway. Hope it happens soon for you grin

schmalice Sun 28-Dec-14 19:50:46

At my 36 wk app the midwife booked me in for a sweep on the 2nd, do you reckon I can push my luck and see if she'll do it on Tuesday?

ARandomFridayIn2012 Sun 28-Dec-14 19:52:22

Beg her, I would. Here they will do it once you reach 40 weeks, but I guess it differs if she's booked it for the 2nd. Can't hurt asking. Hopefully something will happen before then for you!

schmalice Sun 28-Dec-14 19:56:00

Thanks, Random! I know it could be ages yet but I'm really hoping not.

Pregnantagain7 Sun 28-Dec-14 21:17:51

I was similar with dc4. I started having sweeps at 39 weeks and they made me cramp and have mild contractions for a week it was soul destroying so I feel your pain!
After my third sweep I'd had enough and did everything I could to get it going I had sex (not a pleasant experience but a necessity!) walked up and down stairs and had a solo orgasm blush and that's what did it for me.

I wouldtell the midwife you've been having cramping and contractions and ask her to check if you are dilated or not. If she agrees ask her to give you a sweep if your cervix are favourable. I'm sure she would. Fingers crossed it's not too much longer for you smile

silverandblack Sun 28-Dec-14 21:41:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

schmalice Sun 28-Dec-14 22:31:35

Silver you're giving me hope! I think the situation isn't being helped by DH being on holiday for Christmas so he is asking constantly as he's really excited! It's lovely but there's on,y so many time someone can ask you how you're feeling before you want to snap!!

I was fully prepared to be overdue but it's everyone else's constant womb watch that's making me edgy!!

Galvanized Sun 28-Dec-14 22:37:39

Google the latent stage of labour. I'd never heard of it until I went into slow labour with dc1. In the end I was in latent labour for 5 full days, only dilated enough to be admitted to hospital 12 hours before I eventually gave birth. So tiring!! Good luck, rest as much as you can, keep energy up.

schmalice Sun 28-Dec-14 23:06:46

Def feels like it could be the start of latent. I'll get my midwife to have a check on Tuesday and see how I'm coming along.

schmalice Tue 30-Dec-14 21:24:03

Update (in case anyone is incredibly bored) saw midwife today and she had a rummage and said I was maybe a centimetre, I think she was just being kind. Also had a sweep and am booked to see her again on Friday.

I am so bored!!

afreshstartplease Tue 30-Dec-14 21:25:47

I had this for a week with Dc2

TobyLerone Tue 30-Dec-14 21:30:03

I had this for about a week with DC3, exactly this time last year, as it goes.

At 2.30am at 40+2, my waters went all over the bathroom floor. DD was born the next day.

Good luck!

schmalice Tue 30-Dec-14 21:48:50

Glad to know that it's the same for many! Things not helped by my lovely DH asking every 5 mins when the baby is coming!

ViviPru Wed 31-Dec-14 09:15:37

Hi Schmalice. I'm exactly the same, EDD 27th, been twingey since the 26th. Hope its not too much longer for you (or me!)

TimefIies Wed 31-Dec-14 20:58:28

Me too! 40+5, getting bored - I never get bored, but there's only so many things you can do with your elephant feet up!

schmalice Thu 01-Jan-15 02:20:24

Well it's definitely going to be a 2015 birthday! Now hoping I can hold off till the 2nd so I don't have the spend New Year's Day organising a children's party for the foreseeable!

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