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Why did this happen in my breech labours?

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Aciderwouldbenice Sun 28-Dec-14 10:21:22

I know I should have asked midwives about this but does anyone know...
Both my DC were breech throughout pregnancy, both very much wedged high up in my ribs.
I was booked in for sections but went into labour at 38weeks both times with waters breaking. However what I don't understand is why my contractions went from what I was expecting- like very strong period pains, well spaced, painful but could cope, to horrendous agony when my waters broke.
I didn't get past 1cm dilated either times but I was having horrific pain every 40 seconds lasting about - minute. This went on for over 3 hours with second baby as we waited for section.
Is it because they were breech? Why such close and terrible and close contractions when only 1cm? I was hallucinating with the pain.

cakedcrusader Sun 28-Dec-14 15:10:06

I've read somewhere (probably on here) that contractions are usually much more painful after waters break because there is no cushioning around the baby. With both of my labours my waters broke early on and the pain suddenly became much more intense. I'm guessing that the fact that your babies were breech and high up meant that there wasn't enough pressure on your cervix to make you dilate but your body was obviously trying hard to make things progress! You can ask for a debrief where a midwife goes through your notes with you to give you a clearer picture of exactly what happened.

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