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Delivery anxiety

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Hjserenade Fri 26-Dec-14 14:05:59

40 weeks with dc3. Really severe anxiety re delivery this time and worsening. Ds1 traumatic back to back ventouse ( probably the reason for the anxiety but this was some yrs ago ). Ds2 Normal and fast with gas only but horrible at the end. Midwife suggested tokophobia and to do hypnotherapy but it hasn't helped. I just am not sure I can cope with what is coming but don't know what to do apart from ask for epidural or remefentanil as soon as I get to hospital. Miserable. and feel things have got out of hand and it's too late. Any positive stories of number 3 ?

MurtleTheTurtle Fri 26-Dec-14 15:43:57

No 3 was by far my easiest birth after 2 which both went a bit wrong at the end (though not disastrously so). I was also quite anxious, especially as no 2 needed resuscitating at birth (though was then fine). When the time came my body just knew what to do - it helped that he was perfectly positioned though. I explained my anxiety to the midwives when I went in and I think they were a bit more reassuring because of this - I felt very supported and cared for which probably also contributed to a good delivery.

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