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when did your waters break?

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Newmom2b Fri 26-Dec-14 07:19:22

Mine broke with my first as the first sign that anything was happening. Just wondering is this likely to happen with my second too? I've read that its quite rare but am getting really paranoid every time I feel a little bit of 'wetness' (sorry tmi!) I'm only 36 weeks!

DefiniteMaybe Fri 26-Dec-14 07:24:08

With my first my waters went when I was 10cm and ready to push.
With my second my ways went before anything happened. Contractions started about 10 hours later dd was born 13 hours after waters went.
With my third my waters went, contractions started and dd was born 3 hours later.
So its possible your waters could go first again. Or not. Every labour is different.

TobyLerone Fri 26-Dec-14 07:25:02

DC1: induced at 42 weeks. I guess they were broken for me at some point but I don't remember.

DC2: broken for me as means of induction at 42 weeks.

DC3: broke all over the bathroom floor, with no warning, at 40+2. Nobody was more surprised than me! She was born 30 hours later.

Greenstone Fri 26-Dec-14 07:33:08

My first labour started with waters breaking at 39+5. Was curious to see if this would also happen with dc2, most HCPs said no pattern but I just had a feeling....and yep waters went as first sign with dc2 at 39+1.

With dc2 there was quite a lot of meconium in the waters which gave me a bit of a shock. But dd was fine and her birth straightforward.

Good luck!

Gunpowder Fri 26-Dec-14 07:38:59

I had a sore back so lay on the floor and pulled my knees to my chest to relieve it. My waters broke with an audible 'pop' and DD arrived 12 hours later.

eckythumpenallthat Fri 26-Dec-14 07:40:42

42+3 I gave up and went to be induced but I was already in labour. But they still insisted on going through the procedure of keeping me in an assessment ward with 2 other people and putting me on a monitor for 45 mins. While they went to get the consultant to analyse the blindingly obvious I had a sit down on a fit ball. Me and DH were like wtf was that cos we seriously thought I'd popped the ball cos it wasn't pumped up very well. But no it was my waters breaking. Lol I really didn't think I'd be able to hear it !

diddlediddledumpling Fri 26-Dec-14 07:50:44

with first, labour was well underway, was 2 days before due date. midwife broke waters. Was fully dilated and he was born maybe half an hour later.
With second, shifted awkwardly on the floor at 37 weeks, and they went. that started labour, he was born about 12 hours later.
with third, they never went, he was born in the sac.
as pp said, every labour is different, although first and third would suggest it doesn't happen for me as a natural part of labour. maybe my amniotic sacs are made of tougher stuff than most!

GlitzAndGigglesx Fri 26-Dec-14 07:51:11

I woke up, went to the loo, washed my hands and they went. Bang on my edd but I didn't give birth until 31 hours later. That was my first child so I'll have to wait and see what happens with this one!

reallystuckonthisone Fri 26-Dec-14 07:58:51

40+12, 15 hours into labour, midwife popped them with great difficulty, in the vain hope it would hurry DD up. Another 24 hours, and an EMCS later she arrived.

tuffgingernut Fri 26-Dec-14 20:22:22

Dc1 waters broke while asleep, waking me up, contractions started immediately but it was 30 hours until baby arrived at 40+5. Dc2 waters were broken for me by a midwife. I was about 8cm dilated when this was offered, baby arrived within about an hour at 40+10. Hoping Dc3 doesn't keep me waiting as long, 6 weeks to go.

fidgetywidget Fri 26-Dec-14 20:39:07

Dc1 my waters went at 40weeks exactly & woke me up, DD born 17hours later.
Dc2 has stretch & sweep at 40+6, contractions started within 30min, waters broke while pushing DS out 4hours or so later.

lanbro Fri 26-Dec-14 20:45:29

Dd1 waters went, contractions started about two hours later, baby 3 hrs after that so 5 hours in total.

Dd2 waters went, contractions started about 5 mibs later, baby less than 2 hours later.

Be prepared!

lanbro Fri 26-Dec-14 20:46:26

Dd1 37.3
Dd2 38.5


OsMalleytheCat Fri 26-Dec-14 20:52:23

Only had one DS and there was absolutely no water!
I was induced and the midwives spent hours trying to break my waters and the dr exclaimed surprised during my c-section..."where's the water?!" They'd scratched the top of poor DS' head to bits hmm

OutDamnSpot Fri 26-Dec-14 20:54:19

I have 3 DC. With each waters broke late on.

Dc1 broke at 10cm about 20mins before she was born.

Dc2 broke 2 mins before I delivered and dc3 midwife broke them as baby was being born - such a relief to feel the gush and just have baby, not baby and water, on way out.

So for me, it was very obvious I was in labour before my waters went but no idea if it would be better to have had an early warning or not.

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