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C section recovery question

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bluehearted Mon 22-Dec-14 20:27:35

I had a C Section almost 4 months ago. Recovered fine, about from a nasty infection which cleared up after 2 weeks of antibiotics. But now, since yesterday, I'm in agony! It's like the pain I had in the beginning, internal. When I cough it is extremely painful, when I sit down, it hurts (internally), almost feels like there's a lead weight inside my uterus. My almost 2 year old son jumped on me today and I actually screamed in pain!!
Has anyone experienced this or have any advice?
Thanks in advance!

Boomtownsurprise Mon 22-Dec-14 20:29:35

No. I haven't had that. I've had two. I would go back to the consultant that over saw the op (after mentioning to my GP).

girliefriend Mon 22-Dec-14 20:30:43

You need to see a dr!! Not normal ime, get it checked out.

christmaspies Mon 22-Dec-14 20:34:50

Go and see your doctor or even phone the maternity ward for advice. you need to look after yourself so that you're fit to look after your little ones

bluehearted Mon 22-Dec-14 20:39:57

This is what I thought! I was close to calling an ambulance this morning it was so bad. It feels very internal, not the scar.
I'll call gp in the morning and get an appointment. When I touch my tummy it feels like there's some guarding.
Last thing I need right now. I should have gone today really!
Thanks for the replies

girliefriend Mon 22-Dec-14 20:52:39

If you feel generally unwell, have a temp or any other symptoms go to a&e tonight.

bluehearted Mon 22-Dec-14 21:31:12

I rang 111 and they are sending an ambulance (despite me saying I can get to a&e myself) after hearing all my symptoms. Getting dizzier and fainter... And very anxious

girliefriend Mon 22-Dec-14 22:06:23

Oh no, hope you are o.kay, let us know how you get on flowers

Bridezilla3521 Tue 23-Dec-14 17:50:17

How are you OP?? Hope you're ok x

EstRusMum Wed 24-Dec-14 09:44:14

Worked for 111 and that is correct - they really are not taking any chances. If I remember correctly that with abdominal pain and "yes" to question about recent abdominal surgery it will trigger an ambulance dispatch.
I wonder what it ended with and is OP okay?

Number3cometome Wed 24-Dec-14 10:13:07

Hope you're ok OP - update us

bluehearted Wed 24-Dec-14 18:23:53

Sorry for not updating sooner! The paramedic came and was really lovely and thorough. He said he couldn't feel any guarding and suggested I see my gp. He didn't think I needed to be seen urgently (my hospital currently being dubbed Britain's worst) although he said he would take me if I wanted. I was reassured after seeing him so said I'd stay at home. He said if it gets worse, ring 999 and they'd take me in. I saw my gp and they think it could be inflammatory pelvic disease. I had bloods taken today. I'm feeling in less pain now and luckily my lovely dh has been doing everything so I can rest!

Thanks for all your kind words grin

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