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face, leg and arm numbness after labour/epidural

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arianne21 Mon 22-Dec-14 18:04:46

I gave birth to my first baby on 10/12/2014. I had gas and air, then morphine, then an epidural, which worked better on the left side of my body. After 9 hours I wasn't dilating enough, baby's heart rate was dropping, so I was rushed in for a C-section, I was under general anaesthesia.
Ever since I have had numbness and dull feeling in my right leg, my right arm and the right hand side of my face is slightly numb too, I have lost feeling in parts of my body and its so frustrating.
A neurologist I've seen said its not from an epidural, then another neurologist said an epidural can cause this.
I am waiting for an MRI scan. I have been told it should just go away on its own. But I have no guarantees......I am a nervous wreck sad I am very upset over it.

Has anyone had anything similar? Does it go away?

Thank you

Pico2 Mon 22-Dec-14 18:15:32

Not quite the same (as it made more physiological sense in my case). I lost sensation and movement in my right leg below the knee after having DD (called footdrop). Initially I assumed that it was epidural related as the epidural had been the thing to take the sensation away. However it turned out to be a crushed nerve. Rare enough not to be mentioned in pregnancy books, but common enough for consultants to know what it was (though I never was seen by a consultant). They said that it would get better in 6 weeks. It was pretty scary, but it did resolve in 6 weeks. I then had a bit of private physio as I had lost a bit of range of movement. I don't have any long lasting effects from it.

arianne21 Mon 22-Dec-14 18:23:52

Thank you, I am glad yours has resolved!!!

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