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Question about elcs.

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Newmom2b Thu 18-Dec-14 11:26:10

I am in the process of deciding between elcs and vbac (the hardest decision ever!). Anyway with my first cs (due to breech) my dh was advised to take our DC out of theatre shortly after he arrived and wait for us in the delivery room. I was then left in theatre on my own to be stitched up etc for about 45mins while dh and my precious newborn waited alone for me. They said this was because the theatre was cold, it was 4am.
I didn't resist at the time and I guess I was in shock a little at the op and seeing my baby and with your first you just go with whatever the midwifes tell you! Is this normal? I am thinking about a elcs this time but requesting that dh and DC stay with me..... Do you think this would be OK?

Mrsgrumble Thu 18-Dec-14 11:29:51

I had an emcs first time and dh and baby went off to the ward for skin to skin while I got stiched and recovered.

I was fine with this, once baby was safe.. I have the rest of my life to share with him.

Elcs this time. Dh and baby stayed with me. Totally different experience

Hobby2014 Thu 18-Dec-14 11:30:27

I had a semi elective c section (induction but nothing was happening so I refused anything else and asked for a section).
I was taken into theatre and prepped, DH had to wait outside til I was ready. Then he came in, they started operating, then baby out, shown, checked/weighed and wrapped up given to DH. Then they stitched me up. Then once done baby was given to me, DH left to get changed and then I was wheeled out and he was on the other side of the doors waiting for me. Then we set in recovery all three of us. Baby never left my side.

Hippopotamousse Thu 18-Dec-14 12:20:25

Hi, with my ELCS, DH stayed with me holding DS so I could chat to them while I was being stitched up - this was a very welcome distraction! DS was wrapped in blankets and the midwife was very careful to make sure he was warm enough (somehow DS's foot kept falling out of the blanket so the midwife had to keep tucking him back in).
I hope you get to have your DH stay with you too.

Fluffeh Fri 19-Dec-14 07:01:35

I had an elcs and dp and DD both stayed at the side of me while I was stitched up. DD was latched on feeding for part of that time.

bonzo77 Fri 19-Dec-14 07:14:45

With my first we had skin to skin on my while I was stitched. They then wrapped him while they moved me from table to trolley and gave him back. Dh got changed I to his own clothes at this point having berm withme the whole time. My second went to nICU so I just got a stroke of his foot first. Dh went with him.

meglet Fri 19-Dec-14 09:01:01

In both my EMCS and ELCS I had (X)P and DS/DD in theatre while they did most of the stitching and cleaning up. Then DS/DD was popped in their fish tank and put by my head while P nipped out to change out of his scrubs. At no point, either time, did the hospital staff say I had to be separated from my baby.

P was waiting outside theatre and wheeled the fishtank along behind me until I got settled in bed then I was able to hold them properly.

My consultant was very pro skin-to-skin but TBH I had a go and felt too fragile so passed the baby back to P for a proper cuddle.

TinyMonkey Fri 19-Dec-14 17:30:26

I had an ELCS a fortnight ago. My dp and the baby stayed with me throughout, and then in recovery too. I could've had skin to skin, but my bp crashed through the floor, so dd stayed in her father's arms throughout. I think I had one cuddle through several towels she was wrapped in. It's not quite what I'd planned, but as long as she was ok I didn't really care. Dp wouldn't have left me if you'd paid him!

elliejjtiny Sun 21-Dec-14 09:38:15

1 cat 1 section and 1 cat 3 section here. DH stayed with me the whole time. DS4 and DS5 stayed in theatre (although not with me as such) until they went to NICU, about 10 mins before the end both times.

ceara Sun 21-Dec-14 10:11:40

ELCS and EMCS are different experiences from all I've heard. I have only had an ELCS, very calm and smooth, DH was with me throughout and our baby never left my sight. No reason for you to be separated as long as you and baby are both well, which it's likely you will be as it would be a planned c section because of your history and not for any other reason. Hopefully your midwife/consultant can reassure you about hospital protocols for ELCS so you can make your choice armed with complete information.

VeryPunny Sun 21-Dec-14 10:17:19

I had an EMCS and DD was placed on me for cuddles after she had been checked over, weighed and it was clear I was coping well. They even took my gown off for skin to skin and a feed whilst I was patched up. She was given to DH whilst I was moved to recovery.

This was a pretty full on emergency but I and DD were coping well - I suspect skin to skin etc wouldn't have happened if either of us were not coping.

Annbag Sun 21-Dec-14 10:19:09

I had an emcs, grade 2 emergency and premature baby and we weren't separated. Well we were but everyone was in the same room so I could see him being checked over. The midwife said they don't like to separate you unless they have to these days. Not sure how long ago your previous section was but I don't think to separate you from your partner or baby is the norm

butterfly86 Sun 21-Dec-14 21:35:07

I had a cat 2 emcs dd was breech and I was booked for elcs but went in to labour a couple of weeks before dh and dd got sent to wait in recovery while I was stitched but I was heammoraging (sp) and they were struggling to stop it so I think that's why, dh refused to leave me so in the end had to say go on I'll be fine we didn't know what was happening at this point though.

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