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Experiences of ROA?

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LittlePink Wed 17-Dec-14 20:12:55

Im 37+3 and each time ive seen the MW over last few weeks she says baby is ROA. She said this is a good position but ive been reading that the baby can easily flip back to back in labour from this position and it can be a long and difficult labour from an ROA position. Im terrified of b2b because my first was b2b and it was a horrendous labour of 43 hours ending in emcs. It was stop start, kept stalling, ended up with the synto drip and no epidural because of low platelets, horrifically painful and it was all just pretty awful.

The consultant also said that ROA is fine and it doesn't matter if its ROA or LOA but all the websites and forums say its the second best position but LOA is better for more straight forward birth and ROA is more difficult. Ive opted for VBAC this time but the thought of going through b2b again is stressing me out. Is there anything I can do to try to get baby to turn LOA? Labour seemed so far away but think ive just reached that point of oh s**t this is going to happen very soon!

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