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Being Induced?

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Beckah1994xx Tue 16-Dec-14 15:06:04

I'm being induced on Sunday and I've heard that it hurts when they do the actual inducing process? Do any of you have advice on what it's like and what are your experiences? I'm so nervous! Thankssmile

NaiceNickname Tue 16-Dec-14 15:27:34

I was induced with my first, straight onto the drip, no pessaries first. I had nothing to compare it to, but it wasn't as bad as what I was expecting. I didn't make a sound until I started needing to push, and then it was just groans really, and trust me, my pain threshold is non existent grin I remember shaking with pain during the transition phase, and wanting to swing for DH because he thought I was cold and kept covering me up grin

It was very intense, no build up just straight into thick contractions but I managed with gas and air, and a shot of pethidine which was given too late and so only affected DD once born. From the drip starting to having DD it took 7 hours.

Prepare for it to come on thick and fast, ask for whatever pain relief you want and don't rule anything out.

Hope it all goes well for you smile

Beckah1994xx Tue 16-Dec-14 15:32:37

I've been told i'm gettig the pessery and this is my first born so i have no ides what anything is like! And thank you!smile

Petallic Tue 16-Dec-14 15:34:59

It took longer than I expected, I remember thinking when I wakes in "this time tomorrow I'll have a baby" but it was 2-3 days in the end. I did get the pessaries and that was a day of waiting around mostly, it hadn't been explained to me that they can take up to a day to work. No pain, having the pessaries put in was uncomfortable but that's it. Unfortunately they didn't do much for me, and I then had the drip. Which was also okay but again took longer than I expected (nearly 24 hours), midwife suggested I have an epidural before the drip started but I've read lots of other experiences of people managing well on gas & air. All good, whole thing took a bit longer than expected and I ended up with a baby at the end smile

Littlef00t Tue 16-Dec-14 15:42:31

I was induced as dd was 10 days overdue. When they had done sweeps they thought I was looking ready but nothing was happening.

I actually quite liked my induction, as I was induced in the morning and had dd by dinner time, so no labouring overnight, so wasn't wrecked following the birth, as you don't sleep much that first night.

I had a pessary which I fully expected to take days hours to take effect, but less than 2 hours later the contractions started and my waters broke.

The contractions were tough, ramping up again before they had really eased off at all, but I managed with gas and air fine and a bit after the pessary was taken out I started getting breaks between the contractions.

From induction to birth took 9 hours.

Redtractorwontsleep Tue 16-Dec-14 15:44:25

Hi! I was induced, was term +11, had the pessary at 1pm, started with contractions at 7pm and baby born at 6am following morning, so pretty quick. The contractions where relentless, every 3mins for 2hours then every minute, so had the epidural at around 6cm dilated. My friend is a midwife and she advised me to keep moving after having the pessary so I walked around the hospital a few times and up and down the stairs. Good luck!! Let us know how you get on!

Beckah1994xx Tue 16-Dec-14 16:10:52

I'm being induced at 38 weeks because of my diabetes they wont let me go full term, i'm just wondering if it'll be different because i'm not full term! shock

saltedcaramelicious Tue 16-Dec-14 16:28:50

I was induced at 41+3. Had the pessary at 1pm, cervixwas totally closed and unfavourable. Having the pessary was painless was just like a normal examination. Started contracting immediately, like bad period pains. Things moved fairly rapidly, I had gas and air, pushed for 30 mins and my ds was born at 10pm. It's not that bad at all and if I had to be indued again I wouldn't be at all worried, The only annoying thing is you can't have a water birth and can't use a midwife-led unit if you've been induced.

Stokey Tue 16-Dec-14 16:37:28

I was induced twice. Thr first time my waters broke on my due date after having contractions but I wasn't dilated so they sent me home. I went back 24 hours later and still wasn't dilated so they started me on the drip. At that stage i'd been having contractions for about 36 hours so was exhusted so had an epidural too but it still took another 14 hours.

Second time, my waters broke at 36 weeks but again no dilation. They left me 24 hours but this time I wasn't having contractions, then tried a pessary overnight and when that didn't work started inducing me the next morning. I stayed on a ball, using tens machine and then gas and air for about 3 hours but then the contractions became too strong and I had an epidural. But this time it only took another 3 hours and came on pretty fast, it was easier but physically more shocking. I threw up and couldn't stop shivering after DD2 was born.

But both times I could hold my babies and have skin to skin contact and feed them immediately afterwards so it's not as medical as a c-section for example.

sailingby Tue 16-Dec-14 16:38:09

I was induced at 42 weeks. Pessary, then after a few hours I had to have the drip as I wasn't dilating. The mistake I made was not to have an epidural soon after the drip started - NCT made me think that an epidural was a cop-out, and being my first, I didn't want to wimp out. The PAIN!! Ended up having an epidural, and for my 2nd child (VBAC plan) - when I was recounting my first labour, the midwife said I was mad not to have had an epidural as soon as they started the drip. But everyone's different! Good luck -and how exciting!

neighbourhoodwitch Tue 16-Dec-14 17:08:02

Have an epidural.

Kittymum03 Tue 16-Dec-14 17:20:29

Hi.i was Induced,the pesarys and internals are uncomfortable but really not that bad,grin and bear it,it's over soon : ) worst bit of that for me was they gave the 4 of us on the ward pesarys at the same time and the girl opposite me screamed and cried and told them to stop.this made me :'( too as I was so scared,by the time they got round to me,last of course! I was a wreck but it was really fine,anyway didn't work,had to stay overnight by myself which I REALLY didn't want to do as scared of hospitals,so didn't sleep even a little,contractions came thick and fast,then stopped.waters broke still nothing.put on the drip that wasn't working either,contractions again for few hours new midwife came in I was doing ok on gas and air,whispering to partner how I 'can't do this' I had epidural,I wussed out : D it was late and I asked the new midwife if I could have something else,didn't want epidural but she sold it to me with 'if you have it you can go to sleep,get some much needed rest,then when you wake up your ready to push' I made her promise partner could stay,they set him up a bed,and off I went to sleep.epidural didn't even hurt and I'm terrified of needles.lovely sleep was had,in between being woke up for checks.honestly,can't praise the epidural enough I would have one every day : D anyways just as well I had that as ended up emergency c.section.wasnt til laying there after,with my little baby feeding,that I realised how crappy it had all gone but how lucky we were too.took 48 hours but all worth it.what I will say is try,and I know this is easy to say,but TRY,to not worry too much about it,as I was throwing up constantly from when I arrived,and they put that down to me having gotten myself so worried about it : ( you will be fine,it happens all the time,and even if it ends my way,doesn't mean you've failed (as I felt for a while) it's not so scary and think of the end Russult : ) hugs and good luck to you.x

Kittymum03 Tue 16-Dec-14 17:24:40

Sorry that was so long,just a couple of funny bits,that you can laugh about AFTER : D having a group of med students staring at my bits while they did the pesary : D and the RIVER of water that came out after she had done my waters and told me to walk to the delivery room.seriously,how it is on films,that was me,I was litterally paddling in it : D

NeedaDiscoNap Tue 16-Dec-14 17:28:18

Hi OP, I was induced at 37 weeks. I was put straight on the drip as my waters had gone 12 hrs previously (and if was supposed to be having a planned induction two days later).

I didn't find it too uncomfortable and was able to read half of Gone Girl in the first few hours! However I ended up with a c-section as the drip (even at its very highest level) didn't work on me at all (no contractions - failed induction).

This is apparently quite rare, but just wanted to say that when you're induced, you need to try to be calm and go with the midwives' and doctors' advice. You need to be prepared for your labour to go quickly, or very slowly, or perhaps be prepared to require more medical intervention.

Focus on seeing your baby at the end of it - it's a means to an end! Best of luck with your induction flowers.

Beckah1994xx Tue 16-Dec-14 17:36:30

Thanks everyone! You're all helping me with my nerves! I really appreciate it! flowerssmile

MagicMonday Tue 16-Dec-14 17:42:53

My contractions were manageable until I had the drip and then it was extraordinary. Only getting 15 seconds between them and really intense. Fortunately, I'd refused to have an induction until I'd been given an epidural.

It was only partially effective, so I could still feel contractions, but they were uncomfortable rather than painful and I remember the anaesthetists face clearly and with great affection. I had 30 hours of contractions before the drip and then it took another 12 once induced. After the epidural, I managed to sleep a bit and recover my energy, which really helped during the pushing. If you are in for a long haul, I'd go for it.

Kittymum03 Tue 16-Dec-14 17:48:55

I had the highest level on the drip too.isnt it strange it works on some and not others? Beck ah,you'll have to let us know how it goes,let's hope your one of the 'all over in a few hours' : )

Dontforgetyourbrolly Tue 16-Dec-14 17:54:07

I was overdue and due to be induced on a Sunday. I went into labour on the Friday night (40+10) , so you never know ........

TarkaTheOtter Tue 16-Dec-14 17:54:14

I've been induced at 38 weeks in both pregnancies because of gd. Both times had quick, uncomplicated deliveries once on drip. I think inductions get a bad press because quite often they are done when someone is overdue/labour not progressing and those situations are potentially caused by babies position/mothers physiology that would make any delivery difficult.

The whole process can take a long time though. I had delays of over 48hrs between the pessary and drip stage because the delivery suite was too busy. I wasn't in labour or any pain but it was boring and frustrating.

I've got nothing to compare it with but I can imagine that being on your back (as a diabetic you'll have so many drips this is almost a given I think) and the drip can make it very painful. I did one with an epidural and the second without and it was a better experience with. Just calmer and more controlled (as well as no real pain). Had a light touch one though so could still feel to push etc.

Greymalkin Tue 16-Dec-14 18:09:27

I had a similar experience to lots of others here:

Went in Friday morning expecting to have baby by 5pm, when it was actually early hours of Monday morning! Lots and lots of waiting around and walking round the hospital at all hours

Pessaries had very little effect at all

Had to have my waters broken, made no difference

Started the drip around 4pm, baby needed help (forceps) to be born at 1am.

I do regret putting off having an epidural, once I decided I wanted it, I wanted it there and then but no anaesthetist was available for almost an hour!

Contractions are almost continual with very little time to recover in between and there is no gradual build up, they just come on full strength once the drip kicks in.

Quite often, inductions need assisted delivery so it's worth being prepared for this. Once I had the epidural, I couldn't tell when to push, so needed some help.

Looking back, it was really intense but not that bad, I expected it to be much worse!

Hope it all goes ok smile

Cherriesandapples Tue 16-Dec-14 18:40:05

I had induction at 38 weeks it took 2 lots of pessaries but waters eventually broke at 8am and had DS at 7:20pm. Had no pain relief, didn't need to, wasn't actually painful. Second birth with no induction was much longer and was painful!

starfish4 Tue 16-Dec-14 19:03:20

I was induced with a pessary three weeks early due to the fact my waters had all gone and baby needed to be delivered (waters didn't break, just stopped producing). It was a bit uncomfortable, but certainly no worse than a smear, and from the point of view you know you're going in and can plan things for OH workwise, can pack final things, arrange pet feeders etc etc. I wasn't put on a drip at all during labour. DC took a while to come, but in all fairness she was only 2/5th engaged and probably wasn't ready. I wouldn't worry about having it again. I was actually allowed to leave the hospital grounds afterwards and walk around, as long as I had someone with me. My midwife and the team were brilliant and were totally supportive, so don't worry about scare stories.

I had slight cramping pains within two hours and was in full blown labour about seven hours later.

Feversandmirrors Tue 16-Dec-14 19:18:44

Induced the day before due date as no liquid around DS (measuring small throughout entire pregnancy)
I only needed 1 pessary-was pretty uncomfortable-would probably equate it with getting the coil fitted.
First stage labour started about 5 hours later-strong period cramps. I could still hold a conversation but found this was the stage where I couldn't eat or drink.
After about an hour I was in full blown labour-had the drip. Managed on two paracetamol as the gas and air made me feel nauseated.
By the time the pain got too intense and I asked for the morphine shot, it was too late as DS was on his way.
Labour was a super quick 2h and 45m from first contraction to baby.
As DS was my first, I have nothing to compare it to, pain wise. Was super intense and not at all pleasant but just don't panic and remember that there is an end point.
I do remember being boiling hot throughout they labour-I made the midwife go and source 4 fans so I could have them all blowing on my face during the contractions.

cloggal Tue 16-Dec-14 20:06:56

Induced due to pre-eclampsia. The pessaries were the worst bit for me because I asked for an epidural alongside the drip. Gas and air helped the early contractions. Ended up having a forceps delivery and episiotomy. All of this was exactly what I didn't want, and yet, I feel very positive about my labour and at the end all was well. Don't go in with a fixed idea, although I would wholeheartedly recommend epidural alongside the drip wink

anythingbutinsomnia Tue 16-Dec-14 20:13:32

I didn't find the pessaries or having my waters broken painful or even uncomfortable. About 6 hours after first pessary I started getting what I thought was contractions. They got progressively stronger & a bit uncomfortable over the next 8 hours before stopping. Second pessary and waters being broken achieved nothing so was finally put on drip 48 hours after first pessary. Madly I decided to try being on the drip without an epidural but soon changed my mind!
Overall the induction wasn't painful physically (except the bit on the drip without an epidural) but I found it quite mentally draining

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