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36 weeks with transverse baby and fed up

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MurtleTheTurtle Sun 14-Dec-14 11:08:12

I don't post very often but I'm very fed up and wondered if anyone else was feeling the same? I'm almost 36 weeks with no 5 and I'm just so fed up. I feel like I've been pregnant forever (3 back to back pregnancies) and I've eaten sweets for breakfast so I now feel a bit disgusting.

Baby has been oblique or transverse for weeks and not really shifting so that is an added worry - I'm an hour from the nearest hospital so I know that at my MW appt this week they'll discuss admitting me soon due to risks of cord prolapse etc and I can't leave DH (who isn't the most hands on) at home with 4 DC while I sit in hospital 'just in case'.

I know I'd feel better if I get everyone out and do something but I just want to mope on the sofa!!

Anyone else fed up and want a little moan? Xx

3littlewomen Sun 14-Dec-14 12:02:34

Hi Murtle,

I feel your pain! Sat here at 28 weeks, DC6! I also suffer the dreaded transverse lie since DC4 (I understand it becomes more common as you have more pregnancies), and am expected to be admitted anytime after 36 weeks during my antenatal visits.
However.... I did have a prolapsed cord. This was discussed as a risk by my consultant and he induced me under strict and heavy supervision. He saved her life! The cord prolapse was diagnosed within seconds and I was under GA and baby out before I knew what had happened. It's a small but significant risk and sadly not all outcomes are as positive as ours.

DH will just have to man up. He is also choosing to have these children, is aware of the risks of many pregnancies and must step up to caring for the older children. We have no family help, but do have great friends. DH finds looking after all the kids a challenge - I say it's good for him and he does have a higher respect for me when reminded of how tough it is physically and mentally.

MurtleTheTurtle Sun 14-Dec-14 12:56:57

Hello and thank you for responding! I think you're right about the number of pregnancies - the last 3 have all been awkward position wise but not this bad!

Sorry to hear about your cord but probably good for me to hear - it's such a vague concept to me I was in danger of dismissing it mentally as irrelevant I think but you're right it's a very real risk, however small, and being such a way from hospital the outcome might not be good if it were to happen at home.

This is my last pregnancy (I hope!) and I really shouldn't wish it away but I truly have had enough now!!

I hope the rest of your pregnancy runs smoothly.

3littlewomen Sun 14-Dec-14 13:17:10

I did not realise just how lucky we were until I looked into it! Our GP stated "That baby won the lotto of life the day she was born!". She really was incredibly lucky - we live over an hour away from the hospital and had my waters gone at home she would not have stood a chance.

This too is my LAST pregnancy. I am finding it hard work, exhausting! I am too old and have really severe GD this time. I however cannot wait to hold my bundle and feel a touch of sadness this is the last time we will be invited to unwrap our bundle of joy to discover the flavour! I love how DH cries irrelevant of the sex.
Take care of you and your bump. Insist DP pulls his weight. I left written timetables of what child was to be where on each day and he could phone or text at any time. The kids were delighted to have me home as apparently I am better at getting them ready and out the door (DH is a terrible faffer) and they really appreciated how important my discipline is to the smooth running of the home. As an aside - #5 just slotted in with the routine and we hardly felt the extra child.
Best of luck with it all

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