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Anyone had a short gap between EMCS and VBAC?

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HappyIdiot Wed 10-Dec-14 23:15:11

I'm interested in people's thoughts and opinions on having a small gap between having a CS and a VBAC.

DD is now 4 months and was born by EMCS after a 30+ hour established labour on a drip ending in a failed ventouse. The consultant who delivered her said the difficulties were due to her position and that there's no reason why I shouldn't attempt a VBAC next time. I've healed very well and have no ongoing issues, either physical or emotional following the birth.

I have always wanted to have a small age gap between DC's but am wondering if it would be best to wait a bit before trying again. However, I'm 37 and it took me a year to get pregnant with DD. I know that the standard advice is to wait a year but does anyone know if the risks are greatly increased by a smaller gap?

Obviously, if I do get pregnant again there's no guarantee that VBAC will be possible but I would like to try! And it may also take me a while to conceive again so the question may become irrelevant.


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