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Inpatient induction

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Taura Wed 10-Dec-14 23:00:29

39+4 today and planned induction to start 40+2 on Monday. But today found out from community MW that they would admit me on Monday, for as long as it takes (from reading about induction I indestand it can take several days to work through all the steps of pessary, gel, syntocin drip).

I'm realising now that this would mean that I would have my whole labour at hospital, no hanging around at home with home comforts. (Or the stress of "when to go in" and a 45minute trip across town in rush hour, to be fair). But does anyone have any experience of inpatient induction and how it went? I was expecting to be sent home after each stage.

cookiefiend Wed 10-Dec-14 23:58:04

I did. Staying in was fine- quite dull, but not the end of the world. Take something to watch like a phone or iPad incase you tire of reading. Take snacks as the food is icky and perhaps a sleep mask if you have one to hand so you can make the most of last few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Maybe earplugs too as I had a private room for that part but some people have to share with post-nAtal women and crying babies. I was induced about midnight Friday and dd born tea time on Sunday. No pain of any kind until Saturday tea time so ages just relaxing.

cookiefiend Wed 10-Dec-14 23:59:53

Sorry didn't mean to imply terrible pain or something from Saturday tea time- mild to start with, I mean I felt nothing at all no contractions or anything until my waters spontaneously ruptured on Saturday evening.

cookiefiend Thu 11-Dec-14 00:00:22

Oh and good luck!

Taura Thu 11-Dec-14 02:46:58

Thanks Cookie!
I'm also realising that DP won't be allowed to be there all the time. sad hope he can stay once I need him for massage / comfort and not just for the "active labour" bit.

Ducky23 Thu 11-Dec-14 11:14:33

I started induction on Saturday morning. Went into hospital and after some monitoring has a pessary in the evening which started some contractions, tey were uncomfortable but manageable and coming every 2-3 mins. Due to the frequency of the contractions they couldn't give me another pessary so tried a sweep around midnight. This made the contractions stop. Was 2 cm.

Sunday morning was moved down to labor ward for arm, there was some waiting around as there was a few emergencies then dr broke waters around 11am.

Nothing happened so started dip at 7 - 8pm.

Started getting some contractions that got quite intense quite quickly but managed on g&a as epidural failed. Got to 10cm around 3am Monday morning. Ready to push at around 3.30am.

Ds born at 4.39 am, they had to cut me 2ce and give me help to get him out but it was because he was very big and I am small smile

Am just waiting around to be discharged with himsmile

Good luck! grin

Alb1 Thu 11-Dec-14 17:10:46

Went in 8am on a Saturday for mine, was seen at 9.30 to put pessary in but midwife said I was already dilated enough to just break my waters so said we could do that instead (hadn't had any contractions) I thought great, a few steps skipped, she said she'd let the ward sister no and be back in a min... 2 hours later I found her and she said they were just waiting for a room and I could go find some lunch if I wanted, 6pm they finally reappeared to take me to delivery n break waters (longest 9 hour wait of my life) they then informed me that 2 hours after breaking waters they attach you to the drip and you have to have fetal heartbeat monitored the whole time due to the drip so I couldn't have an active labour that I'd hoped for. So my advice is give the pessary a go even if they offer to just break waters instead (or atleast a discuss it with them to fully understand what the implications of each option are) as I would have much preferred to have time to get into labour slowly personally. But good thing was as soon as I moved to delivery at 6pm that meant DP could stay with me so I never got left alone, and although I wished I could be more active it was nice knowing they were keeping such a good eye on me and baby, as it happened my baby got into distress so the monitor meant it got spotted and sorted out very quickly from there. Overall went in 8am, induction started 6.30pm, in established labour by 10pm, DS born 4.30am with some help but perfectly healthy smile I advise taking lots of stuff to read, snacks and drinks for both of you (we spent a fortune at the hospital) and just try and focus on the fact once you walk in you will not walk out without your baby, so ultimatly the waiting around is all worth it grin and good luck!

Taura Thu 11-Dec-14 17:28:44

Thanks, these make me feel better as the only other perspective I had was a friend whose induction lasted 5 days and ended with EMCS.

MuffinMcLay23 Thu 11-Dec-14 17:46:22

If there is no cause for concern then they will let you go home. They gave me the pessary - had to hang around for a while, but then they let me go home for the night on the proviso that I came back first thing/if anything changed. Pessary did nothing so they had to escalate the induction process and after that I had to stay in (until crash section 2.5 days later.....!)

Alb1 Thu 11-Dec-14 17:47:39

I'm guessing that's pretty unusual. The woman next to me (was the biggest drama queen in the world, doing blood curdling screams saying the midwife was really hurting her doing an internal examination, midwifes response was my hand isn't even in there yet...) was kicking up a massive fuss about having a second pessary in (mainly as they wudnt let her have an epidural at that stage) but as she was 2cm dialated although not in labour they took her to delivery and broke her waters because she just wasn't happy to wait around another 12 hours with a pessary, so they skipped ahead for her, so just remember it's your body and your decision, that lady was incredibly over the top all day but she was firm and got what she wanted, the midwives want happy mums and babies safely delivered so they should listen to your wishes were ever possible

MrsBeeBeeBee Thu 11-Dec-14 21:29:29

I went into hospital at 3.30pm on a Thursday and was home with my baby by 7pm on the Friday smile

Just needed one dose of gel. I did labour overnight which meant my husband wasn't with me and he arrived at delivery suite just in time for pushing!

Frecklefacedgirls Thu 11-Dec-14 21:43:33

I went into hospital at 6.30 pm on my due date. On exam I was 1-2 cm dilated so midwife said she could break my waters but suggested trying some prostin gel instead to soften my cervix. Within minutes contractions started and labour progressed quite rapidly with no further intervention. DD was born at 4.30 am and we were home before the other DC got back from school. DH was supposed to go home overnight but because things got going so quickly they told him to stay so we all went home together after DD had been checked out in the morning!

larryphilanddave Thu 11-Dec-14 22:02:17

Has your hospital said you can't have a partner with you?

I was induced, here you go onto the antenatal care ward which has 4 beds per bay and women being induced are allowed a partner with them round the clock, the chair next to the bed reclines to a makeshift bed. There are those TV hire things available over the bed, these ones are actually only a few pounds a day but I didn't use them.

I got there around 3-4pm but didn't start the actual induction until around 8-9pm (was a very busy day in the maternity unit!). Then I was given the pessary. Went for a walk around the hospital and outside to try and help things along.

Waters went around 8am and low level contractions started. I was examined, not yet dilated, and swept at the same time. Midday stronger and more frequent contractions began, but bearable. By 1pm I was requesting G&A. 2pm baby born!

I was transferred to the labour ward for delivery, then to postnatal ward after. After my waters went I had to be monitored due to meconium in waters so I couldn't go walking about, otherwise I would have been free to move around.

We brought our own food and drink and had phone charger as mainly entertained myself with internet on phone. Lots of cafes and shops nearby so DH popped out for stuff for us. Our hospital provided a little pack with paper, pens, a sleep mask, sleep socks and ear plugs, felt like I'd got on a flight grin

Good luck! flowers

Taura Thu 11-Dec-14 22:57:31

Good to hear positive experiencessmile
I don't know for sure about partner staying in actual, just inferring from post-natal ward rules, so I hope I'm wrong.

Taura Fri 12-Dec-14 14:29:11

I have spoken to a midwife friend of mine who says that if it's early days DP will need to go home (and get some sleeeeeep) but if I'm sore then he can stay. Yay!

SilverLinings2014 Sat 13-Dec-14 15:49:13

I went in for induction on Monday 1st at 39+2.

The induction process and policy re in vs outpatient may vary by trust and the reason for induction, but I was admitted.

I went on to an antenatal ward so no babies, just pregnant ladies. 4 beds per bay, mostly all occupied all the time. I second pp who suggested eye mask and ear plugs. I suffered a night next to the worlds loudest snorer; kept me awake despite the ear plugs! Everyone was relieved when she went into labour at 2am so we could get some sleep.

Induction itself was via a pessery which is inserted behind the cervix to help it ripen and left for 24 hours. Ask for g&a for the internals as they can be uncomfortable, particularly if your cervix is unfavourable and posterior. Also you may need several internals which gets quite sore.

After 24 hours another internal where they'll break waters if possible. If not the pessary is left for a further 8 hours followed by another internal and waters broken if possible. If not they rest you for 24 hours. Another internal, break waters if poss, if not another pessery for up to 24 hours. Another internal and they will have a go at breaking your waters regardless of how favourable or otherwise (unless of course your cervix is still fully closed but that would be unlikely).

At any point in the above your waters may go spontaneously (mine did on day 3, 11 hours after the second pessery).

The drip may or may not be required depending on how you're progressing. I was lucky and didn't need it once waters broke. DD was born 19 hours after my waters went.

Induction does increase the chances that you'll need further intervention down the line but I managed a normal vaginal birth with just g&a, a tens machine and a shot of pethadine (which was useless IMO; it didn't ease the contraction pain, just sent me to sleep in between and meant they made me stay on the bed until it wore off).

DP and any children were allowed to be with me from 9:30am - 9:30pm. I sent him home a couple of days though as it was quite dull and he was more useful getting things ready at home. Others could visit 7pm-8pm, but only 2 people at a time (plus DP and kids).

Take lots of entertainment to keep you occupied if you can. I mainly bounced on a ball reading in the day and DP and I watched a film on the iPad in the evenings. You'll be able to go for a walk but not leave the hospital grounds.

It wasn't too bad (even the food was tolerable IME, just served at odd times - 5pm dinner for example) just pretty frustrating waiting 3 days (and DP using 3 days pat lave before DD even arrived), especially since everyone else seemed to come in, have a pessery inserted and immediately go into labour! DD was totally worth it though grin.

Good luck.

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