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C Section two weeks ago - have I damaged myself?!

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Chocolateporridge Wed 10-Dec-14 22:51:52

I had an elective c section two and a half weeks ago and it went ever so well, nowhere near as painful as I expected, stitch removed easily, scar healing really well and home less than two days after op.

I've been well looked after at home by dh and my mum, who left a few days ago and I've dropped all my meds except diclofenac.

I was feeling great yesterday and I stupidly overdid things, lifted a few pretty heavy things, reached alot to put away shopping etc etc and by last night I was in tears with excruciating pain, inside my stomach and pelvic area. I was sore all night, sore all day and am in bed now still really throbbing.

I feel like an idiot, and I'm really worrying that I've done some serious damage. I was at docs with ds today, she felt my tummy and said it's fine, but I'm not convinced, is it possible to tear the internal stitches by doing too much? confused

tiredvommachine Wed 10-Dec-14 22:57:59

I can only speak from having my C section with DD1 14 years ago and there was several times I overdid it and by the end of the day, it felt like my insides were going to fall out and I was bent almost double in discomfort. Take heart in that you wetter examined today and have been told all is well. Try and rest a bit more over the next few days and see if that helps. Hope you feel better soon X

tiredvommachine Wed 10-Dec-14 22:58:41

Wetter? Should read were! blush

Gintonic Wed 10-Dec-14 22:59:59

Hello, I think when you have a scar that is healing any sudden increase in activity can make it get sore. All your muscles and stuff are lying over scar tissue and you've probably jiggled it all about (non medical explanation there). My c section scar would hurt months after if I did a lot of physical stuff. Though obviously if you are still worried go back to the dr.
Hope you get well quickly!

Chocolateporridge Thu 11-Dec-14 03:00:21

Thanks very much, I'm just gutted that I was so daft, things were healing nicely and virtually no pain. sad

Chocolateporridge Thu 11-Dec-14 18:18:18

My bleeding had stopped for two days too, but now it's pretty heavy again sad

fattycow Fri 12-Dec-14 15:18:02

I would call the doc just to be sure. The advice not to lift things for six weeks is there with a reason, so please get yourself checked.

Chocolateporridge Fri 12-Dec-14 21:50:32

I did, the doc looked at my wound and felt my tummy when I was there for an issue regarding my ds, I mentioned it in my op, and she said it seemed fine, but I'm still extremely sore. I think I've just overdone things, hopefully it'll settle down soon. If not then I might give the midwife team a call, although they've signed me off their books now, so not sure if I should.

BikeRunSki Fri 12-Dec-14 21:55:24

Bleeding can come and go a bit. If your baby is oy 2 weeks old, you may still have some bleeding to do. I'd take your soreness today as an early warning, and take the next 2 or 3 very easy.!

BikeRunSki Fri 12-Dec-14 21:56:57

Obviously, if throbbing hasn't calmed down after a night's rest, then seek another medical opinion.

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