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VBAC -after 2 c-sections

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tiaandlottie Wed 10-Dec-14 08:07:07

Has anybody had a vbac after two c-sections, and what was you experience of it?

The reason i ask is, im 26 weeks with my fourth baby, and with my first, i had a fourth degree tear (because she came down with her hand next to her face, which tore ll the way down ) had very good surgery and suffered no lasting effects at all, but they said if i have anymore children i am to have c-sections, so i have had two with my sons, which were very good experinces.

I am now, for some reason, thinking that i would like a vbac for this one. Do you think the midwives/consultant would even consider letting me do it? would you if it was you? ( they advised c-sections because there is a chance it being scar tissue it may tear again, but my eldest is nearly 9 now, surely there is a reduced chance of this happening again now?)

Any advice/opinions on this would be great, thank you x

SomeSunnySunday Wed 10-Dec-14 08:36:31

My consultant was very happy for me to try for a VBA2C (after one emergency and one elective section), albeit with some parameters (spontaneous onset of labour, no more than a week overdue, CFM, no augmentation of labour, proceed to section at the first hint of a problem). I'm almost 39 weeks now, so we'll see what happens!

As I understand it, you have a better chance of a successful VBAC if you have successfully delivered vaginally in the past.

tiaandlottie Wed 10-Dec-14 09:13:23

Thats good to hear, hope it goes well for you, thanks for the info x

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