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failingmammalian Tue 09-Dec-14 21:31:42

Hello... Looking for some honest feedback on homerton hospital and birthing centre where I'm due to have baby no2 in June and am toying with the idea of an independent midwife in case they are over stretched and I'm left alone etc. But truth is I can't really afford an independent midwife and I'm wondering if not a waste of money. Midwife today made it sound like they aren't over stretched .... I don't want a home birth so I'm just wondering if indie midwife is a bit of an insurance policy/safety net I can't really afford.
But I've just heard so many horror stories of bad london hospitals and women being left alone etc

Help! The realities of a year off work and what it does to finances are dawning on me at last!
Tks all!

Biscuits28 Wed 10-Dec-14 17:16:50

Hello, I had my second baby at homerton in the summer and it was good. As far as I recall I wasn't left alone at any point and had the same (excellent) midwife with me all the time. It really didn't seem as though it was very busy and my midwife, and a couple of others who came into the room at various points, definitely didn't seem overstretched. Even the post natal care was great (we ended up having to stay in for a while so I saw a lot of different midwives!) I think you'll be fine without an independent midwife looking at it from a staffing point of view smile

failingmammalian Wed 10-Dec-14 20:20:40


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