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Carpal Tunnel recoverers

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squishy Tue 10-Oct-06 19:04:23

This was sparked by another current thread, but how have people generally found childbirth affecting their carpal tunnel syndrome? I know all the statistic etc about what could happen, but am interested to hear some cases IRL.


foxinsocks Tue 10-Oct-06 19:15:52

mine carried on for ages afterwards (badly for around a year after each birth then far less frequently after that)

I also got De Quervains Tendonitis (v posh term for saying sore thumb joint - where it meets your wrist) - I always felt they were connected but not sure if there's any medical proof for that!

6 years after the birth of my first child, I still have wrist splints but probably only get symptoms a couple of times a year.

squishy Tue 10-Oct-06 20:02:57

OMG, that's awful. Did you receive much support when it was really bad after the birth?

foxinsocks Tue 10-Oct-06 20:04:36

no but tbh, I didn't get much when I was pregnant either!

I was offered some sort of injection but there was a reason why I couldn't have it (can't remember why) so I just made do with the wrist splints.

To be fair to the NHS, I didn't make much fuss about it and was always told that it would just go away on its own.

jabberwocky Tue 10-Oct-06 20:06:39

Mine went away very quickly after ds was born. Can't remember the time frame exactly, but I think it was just a week or two.

Tiggiwinkle Tue 10-Oct-06 20:09:10

I had to wear the wrist splints-think it was for quite a few months afterwards.

geogteach Tue 10-Oct-06 20:14:14

I've had the injection, its a steriod so you have to wait until you've stopped feeding. Jab is excruitiating but the relief is almost instant.

madrose Tue 10-Oct-06 20:17:18

it was awful while pregnant, but went away quite quickly once I delivered DD, can't remember how long, maybe cos I was so wrapped up in having my DD

hairycaterpillar Tue 10-Oct-06 20:54:04

I had it really bad with ds whilst pregnant, couldnt sleep at all despite splints, so was exhausted by the time he was born . Afterwards it was much better but remained a problem when holding phone or pushing buggy etc for ages (10-12mths) afterwards. DD was less affected but generally had less swelling all over during that pregnancy, the smptoms disappeared that time within a few mths. Am now expecting dc3 and already the pins and needles have started to become troublesome (22wks).

sleepfinder Wed 11-Oct-06 09:57:27

I had it very badly (also De Q's syndrome thingy) during the pregnancy - at its worst around 7 - 8 months. It eased off near the end (I have no idea why as I didn't change treatments - splints in the night, hot and cold water soaks, etc).

I only had my baby 5 1/2 wks ago - and while I don't have night pain and stiffness, I do sometimes get a painful stiff wrist if I've been holding him in my arms for a long time at an awkward angle (awkward for my wrist, not him!).

So I don't know - I expect it will ease off, but I'm trying not to focus on it too much - as the extreme pain stage is long gone, thankfully

assis104s Fri 23-Oct-09 20:17:57

I have it in both hands and it has come on very badly since I gave birth. I've been offered the cortisone injection but I'm breastfeeding. Does anyone know if this is safe? My GP seemed to think it was ok, but I'm worried that it won't be.

If anyone's had similar experiences I'd love to hear how you recovered!

Oblomov Fri 23-Oct-09 20:52:40

I had the steroid injection at 8 months pg. The pain was so awful, I have never known anything like it.
Unlike geogtech the injection didn't hurt at all ( mind you I am a diabetic for 35 yrs, so I have had 65,000 injections in my time) and the relief was instant.
Splints don't work for me. My consultant said they either do or they don't , with little middleground for patients.

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