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Worried about natural labour after induction..

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NaiceNickname Mon 08-Dec-14 21:34:46

How do they differ? DD was induced at 42 weeks because I had no fluid left around her, they didn't bother with pessaries just stuck me straight onto that drip and she was born within 7 hours. I remember it being very intense, and physically shaking with pain when I was close to pushing, but other than that I was pretty much coping even though I had to stay lying on the bed due to being all wired up. I didn't shout out until I was pushing apparently.

Due DS on Friday, and I'm hoping I will go naturally this time. Just interested to hear from anyone who has experienced both induced and natural labours, and how they feel it was different if at all? I keep hearing that induced labours are supposed to be more painful, but I have nothing to compare it to as it was my first...

Fresh01 Mon 08-Dec-14 23:01:04

I have had 2 natural labours and 2 inductions - inductions DC2 and DC4. I would say the biggest difference in how I handled the different labours was how tired I was going into them. With DC4, it had just been x-mas so busy, 4 babies in 6 years so 3 other little ones at home and I was tired when the induction labour started.

It was the only one where I didn't spend most of the labour on the fitball, even with the monitoring band and IV in with DC2 I sat on the ball apart from the final pushing stages. I asked the midwife for the ball each time and she was happy to get me one.

I had pethadine with DC4 as I felt the pain was worse as I was so tired. All the rest I had just had gas and air.

In terms of duration first natural delivery from established labour was 8 hours, DC2 and DC3 were around 4 hours and DC4 was 5 hours but the midwife felt the pethadine slowed it down by about an hour.

So if you can rest between now and Friday.

SlipperyLizard Wed 10-Dec-14 22:18:28

DD1 was induced and the pain came on very quickly - there was no build up of contractions and so I found gas & air hopeless - was in too much pain to do it properly. Got through it with remyfentanyl (an opiate) which I hated.

DD2 came naturally, but although v quick (she arrived 2 hours after I asked midwife for paracetamol as was getting twinges), I coped with just gas and air because I had a chance to practice. Second labour was also much easier because part of me knew I could do it (that didn't stop me insisting I couldn't at the vital part, though!)

harrowgreen Thu 11-Dec-14 20:04:21

DD1 was induced after my waters broke and I didn't settle into regular contractions. I was on the drip and managed 36hrs before having an epidural: I was utterly destroyed. She came out 6hrs after that after quite a few scary episodes of falling heartbeat etc., but she was (just) a vaginal birth.

DS1 was totally natural. I had a 39wk check where I was already 2cm, so my doctor (in the USA so doctor-led throughout) gave me a sweep. I labored at home (very bearable pains) and 14hrs later I was admitted. My doctor broke my water when I stalled a bit at 5cm (I wanted to try everything natural before resorting to drugs again) and then I got through lovely and smoothly to pushing. Out in three pushes (12 hrs after being admitted). No drugs whatsover. Very very painful, but a different pain to the induction - almost like I was in control of it rather than it being in control of me. A good analogy is like I was pushing myself on a treadmill: it hurt and was very tough, but I felt in control. The pushing was admittedly more painful simply because I could feel him squeezing out, but it was also better because I could feel the contractions (rather than having to be coached because of having had an epidural). So it was a really great birth, all things considered.

Transition was also harder with the natural birth - it was a really horrid time of feeling incredibly ill (shaky, nauseous, clammy). But the birth was still a lot better than the induction.

So a good natural birth after an induction is totally possible.

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