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Early labour.... What's going on!?

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ImpatientMamma Mon 08-Dec-14 05:34:09

Hi, hoping you can share your experiences and give some advice?

I had my first show a good 3 weeks ago and it was coming every so often.

On Friday night/early Saturday morning I had horrendous diarrhea, followed by an hour and a half of contractions. All day Saturday I had mucus when I wiped. Whilst walking the dog I thought I'd lost some water so went home to check. Wasn't sure so called the midwife. Turns out, after going into the maternity unit, was very watery discharge. They checked and baby is fully engaged but cervix us behind baby's head. Mucus-y discharge is increasing.

Last night, I had regular contractions for a good two hours, mum raced up because we thought it was starting, to look after ds (1.5hour drive; she did it Saturday too so I could go to hospital to get checked out). Had a shower, contractions pretty much stopped then..... Argh!

Woke this morning at 3am for a wee and had a few contractions. So, got up, had a cuppa.... Now nothing.

What's going on!? What should I expect? Should mum go home or stay? So confused, frustrated and tired. I don't want to risk them getting home to turn around and com back, as they did yesterday.

DC1 was text book. Waters went, contractions started, baby born, so I'm caught a little off guard. I'm 39+4.

Help! Thanks

Mmolly2013 Mon 08-Dec-14 09:28:02

Birth is so unpredictable, if your mum can afford to stay with you I would just hang on to her because your bound to be tired anyways. I would perhaps go for a long walk and take a warm bath (bath sped up my contractions), and I know it's hard but you need to relax as is can also help to speed up labour.

My birth was straight forward had a show, got contractions waters went baby came so sorry can't be of more help in regards to this

Good luck grin

Mmolly2013 Mon 08-Dec-14 09:28:33

Perhaps call a midwife to see if you could pop down to get checked to see if you've dilated at all that might help you

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