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csection - healing and bleeding

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weeonion Sun 07-Dec-14 13:07:47

Hi folks. 4.5 weeks post emcs.

my external scar has healed really well but my wound inside doesn't seem to be doing so well.

i have had a uterine infection and finished antibiotics last week. I stopped taking painkillers at around the 2 week stage. i wouldn't say i have taken it the easiest ( hard to do in top floor flat with another dd).

my lochia / bleeding stopped last week but it is back with a vengeance. I hurt myself twisting to get dd2 out of her bed nest and now in quite a bit of pain as well. My stomach feels bloated and very tender on one side.
bit worried i have opened the wound inside.
i am trying to take it a bit easier today but wondered if others have experienced this?

weeonion Sun 07-Dec-14 15:28:20


TallulahTwinkletoes Sun 07-Dec-14 15:37:44

Have you spoken to the midwife about this?

It's extremely difficult to open a c section wound.

weeonion Sun 07-Dec-14 16:33:18

Hi talluah.
I have been discharged from midwife care a couple of weeks ago - now with health visitor.

TallulahTwinkletoes Sun 07-Dec-14 16:41:08

So have you spoke to the health visitor about it?

It's probably sore from the pulling movement you mentioned.

weeonion Sun 07-Dec-14 16:52:21

I will mention it next time i see him at 6 weeks.
have had to take more painkillers this afternoon.


TheEagle Sun 07-Dec-14 16:56:44

As others have said, your scar is probably sore from the twisting - do you have someone who can lift DD in and out if bednest for you?

I found that, even though it seemed my lochia had stopped, when I over exerted myself or if DS had a particularly mammoth feeding session I would bleed again a little bit.

Definitely ring your midwife/hospital or your HV. My HV and GP were excellent when I had an infection in my scar.

TallulahTwinkletoes Sun 07-Dec-14 17:08:15

I wouldn't wait 1.5 weeks. If you are worried just call Monday. HVs normally have a separate phone line than docs so easier to get hold off.

TallulahTwinkletoes Sun 07-Dec-14 17:08:32


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