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Lots of signs, no baby.... Any thoughts?

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ImpatientMamma Thu 04-Dec-14 16:04:09

Hi, just after some input really, DH sick of me going on! About two and a half weeks ago I had a show, albeit a small one. Similar amounts have been coming away since but today Ive had two larger ones (nice, sorry). I've had back ache today (not the usual SPD, more like menstrual back ache) and my bump HAS gone very low. This is my second baby, first was born at 37+4 so I(wrongly) feel horribly overdue. I'm desperate for this baby to arrive. Im due on 11th December and I can't stop worrying this baby will be born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - I know I can't dictate when it happens or even do anything about it but to speak to people who might know how this feels, to share their signs when they were due to give birth and to comment on whether I'm looking for signs or if you think I'm nearly there would be lovely. Thank you.

ImpatientMamma Thu 04-Dec-14 16:11:42

Oh, probably worth adding that my impatience is compounded by the fact that the childcare for my ds is 1.5 hours away so looking for any sign so I can call my mum in enough time smile

Jenninlw Thu 04-Dec-14 19:32:17

I'm joining you on this sloooow journey smiledue next Thursday too and had loads of signs for weeks if you count mild contractions almost every night that wake me up then go away.

Last pregnancy I woke up with contractions, then had bloody show with contractions getting steadily stronger so am thinking will be the same this time. I've had loose bowels for weeks, a bit of a show, belly dropped down (but not engaged I don't think).

I went to full term last time and shouldn't really be bothered of i do this time but we get so impatient don't we!!! I'm so tired and would rather be tired because up feeding new baby than just lying in bed all night uncomfortable with horrible carpal tunnel in my hands and needing a pee every hour!!!

katelouise1 Thu 04-Dec-14 19:59:06

I'm 6 days overdue now sad I feel your pain had all the same symptoms for days ! had a sweep this morning so I'm hoping things progress quickly. Sick of being pregnant and people asking the same stupid questions over and over .."have you not popped yet ?" fangry

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