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sharp stabbing pain after c-section, anyone else had this?

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theruntsnextdoor Wed 03-Dec-14 19:45:38

I'm 11 days post ELCS due to transverse baby. I was told I had some ripping and heavy bleeding on one side because the original incision was not big enough and had to be stretched with forceps in a hurry.

Straight after the op and a few days afterwards (when I had finished with the heavy duty pain killers and was just on paracetamol,) the discomfort and pain was perfectly bearable, but since about day 6 I have been having terrible pain when I go to the toilet or when I sit in a certain position: when I wee, poo or pass gas. It is down the side that the dr said there was some ripping, along the front of my pelvis and ends right in my urethra. It is so intense and stabbing it makes me yelp out loud. I dread going to the toilet or even having any build up of gas.

I am returning to my ob to talk about this, but wondered if this is familiar to anyone? As soon as I started experiencing this I was tested for a UTI but didn't have one.

MinceSpy Wed 03-Dec-14 20:40:39

Yes I had this after an emergency c-section. I was told it was the nerves healing? It does get less and less as time goes on but it does take quite a while. Talk to your doctor and just be sure.

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