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Is there anything I can do to avoid going into labour before ELCS? Breech baby and family history of precipitate labour!

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SallyMischievo Fri 28-Nov-14 04:36:51

Dear All,

I'm 37+2, baby is breech and despite some anxiety about undergoing the procedure, we yesterday opted for an ECV in an attempt to turn the baby into the head down position. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful so we have now been given a date for an ELCS when I will be 39+1.

However, I am panicking about the prospect of going into labour before then. Both my mother and grandmother had incredibly swift deliveries, (and my Mum gave birth to my siblings and I all 2-3 weeks before our due dates). I mentioned my concerns yesterday but I was told quite firmly that they would not schedule an ELCS any earlier as after 39 weeks is safest for the baby.

Any advice would be much appreciated! I am anxious about the prospect of going into labour in the next few days and having to deliver my baby vaginally and the head becoming stuck. Even the prospect of an emergency section against the clock is making me incredibly worried! Finally, any tips on steps I can start taking now to aid a faster recovery from a CS would be wonderful. Does taking Arnica have any benefits? I have read mixed reviews!

Many thanks,

S x

Whenwillwe3meetagain Fri 28-Nov-14 05:49:12

I'm no expert but I had a cs a week ago for my first baby. I was booked into an ELCS due to size of baby at 40+1. For me i told myself he wouldn't come early and he didn't. I had voiced concerns about him coming early and was told I'd still have a cs it would just be classed as an emergency. I was worried as baby was meant to have a v big head and mum had short labours. So I recommend as soon as you feel anything labour like you call the ward and warn them about the section. I did in fact have an emergency as baby was in distress but I already had the spinal in so it was just a bit faster.

As for recovery start the arnica a few days before. Midwife checked my scar yesterday and was v happy with it being dry and a lot less bruised than on Monday. I have worn a pad over the scar which has really helped and have pressed down on it when laughing or sneezing etc. hope this helps and all the best.

dottytablecloth Fri 28-Nov-14 12:04:04

Watching this with interest!

I'm having a section at 39+1 also and absolutely don not want to go into about beforehand.

Dc1 came at 38+5 so am bit worried.

kilmuir Fri 28-Nov-14 12:15:15

I have ha3 planned sections around the 39/40 week mark. I was told to contact the unit if i thought labour was starting. Never had as much as a twinge! My mum had 4 hour labours with all her children.
Try not to fret,

MrMacadoo Fri 28-Nov-14 14:47:33

my cs was booked for a Mon and ddi arrived the Sat before. My dd was breech too and the hospital were good at monitoring me and got me into theatre with no issues. not really much you can do if the baby decides to come early but just keep in touch with the hospital. i was told to come straight in if i thought i was in labour

SallyMischievo Fri 28-Nov-14 21:38:49

Thank you to all who have replied. I'm just going to try and keep calm, rest and drink plenty of water as I've read that staying hydrated can help!

Whenwill, is there a particular brand of Arnica I should look for and where can I buy it?

Many thanks.

Whenwillwe3meetagain Fri 28-Nov-14 23:31:59

Nelsons which i got from Amazon - around £6

SallyMischievo Sat 29-Nov-14 17:19:01

Thank you! I've ordered some today smile

organiccarrotcake Wed 03-Dec-14 19:54:14

Unfortunately no, but would it be worth looking into options for vaginal breech birth just in case? Head getting stuck is incredibly unlikely (despite what you may have been told) provided your baby has grown well, as the head/bottom ratio will be almost exactly the same. Really it tends only to be really quite premature babies, or babies with severe growth restriction who are at any significant risk of head entrapment. It's not unknown, but same as head down babies can get stuck too - but it really is very rare and the evidence doesn't recommend CS for that reason unless there are other factors, as I've mentioned.

Much protocol is based on the dreadful "hannah" trial which is now happily discarded in many Trusts, but not all as they don't have people trained in supporting breech births.

If you've not already looked into it - and I do apologise if you have - then AIMS' breech birth book is an excellent read:

I know it's not at all what you're asking, but I didn't want you to not have full access to all options smile

If you do continue with your ELCS plans, have you come across gentle CS birth? I need to write up about it but a Google should give you some info.

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