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Fast labour?

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Thelovecats Sat 22-Nov-14 03:57:28

My first was 8 hours to first contraction to birth, about 5 hours to get from 3/4 cm to birth, but the pushing stage lasted about an hour and a half because he was in awkward position.

With my second my waters went first because she was back to back, so contractions took a few hours to get going and get into established labour (plus she turned the right way round in early labour). It was about 1 hour 20 mins to get from 3/4cm to birth. Pushing stage was recorded at 4 minutes (I pushed 3 times only).

I think if my second had not been back to back, then labour would have been quicker still.

I am pregnant again and wondering if anyone had any stories for me about their 3rd labours and how fast it was compared to their previous ones?

Titsalinabumsquash Sat 22-Nov-14 04:06:50

DS1 - induction on EDD, 11hrs start to finish, epidural, gas and air.
DS2 - 30 mins start to finish, sudden onset labour at 36 weeks.
DS3 - 16 minutes start to finish, sudden delivery after waters breaking spontaneously (no contractions that I felt) at 39 weeks.

I'm pregnant with DC4 now, I'm being induced at 38 weeks to try and prevent labouring by myself at home very quickly.

Thelovecats Sat 22-Nov-14 04:08:22

Wow that's fast! Where did you deliver no 2 and 3? Glad they're inducing you this time

Havingabeer Sat 22-Nov-14 04:09:50

Ds1-24hrs from 1st contraction to 4 cm. then another 12 hrs to birth

Ds2- 3 hours from first contraction to. 4 cm then another 12 hrs to birth

Titsalinabumsquash Sat 22-Nov-14 04:15:18

Luckily I was already in hospital for other things, it did take a bit of persuasion with DS2 for them to believe that I was having my baby there and then after I'd say and had a leisurely dinner on the ward waiting to be discharged. I'd only spent the night for some fluids and observation because I'd been given a painkiller I didn't know I was allergic too!

DS3 I was in for 3 weeks as an inpatient because my pelvis completely separated and I couldn't move at all, but again I went from tucking myself into bed with a book after an uneventful monitoring, to sudden "OMG THERE IS A BABY COMING OUT OF ME!" type scenario. blush

I hope your next labour is quick (but not too quick) and easy for you and your baby. smile

Thelovecats Sat 22-Nov-14 08:20:13

Really lucky titsalina. Amazing stories smile

bakingtins Sat 22-Nov-14 08:38:01

Ds1 7 hours.
Ds2 2 hours and nearly didn't make it to hospital.
Dd 80 mins, but was lucky that she gave us a bit of warning with a show, so had childcare in place and DH in the car with the engine running and got there with 40 mins to spare.

It sounds like you are like me and had a bit of warning that it was about to kick off? I was never examined but each time had a day of niggles/ feeling labourish with a show so knew it was happening soon. Once I started contractions it was fast and furious. In other circumstances I'd have considered a home birth but I had PPH with DS2. I was told to dial 999 if it started and I didn't think I could get there in time. You just have to be assertive with the reception staff and tell them you are on the way and you labour fast. I had phoned them earlier in the day for a chat and said I thought I'd be in that night, then DH phoned from the car to say we were on the way. They had a senior MW waiting for us in the car park grin

BeginnerSAHM Sat 22-Nov-14 16:11:03

Hi - I'm 34 weeks with number 3 and expecting to need to call an ambulance...

DC1 born 2.5 hours after waking up with 'constipation' pain (at 38 weeks)

DC2 born just over an hour (about 1 hour 15, I think) after first sign of contractions but made it to hospital in time as we had a friend staying (who could look after DC1) and got straight in the car the moment I had a twinge. Bit scary though as was only 36 weeks.

My pushing stage is relatively normal - about 30 mins. It's the contracting that seems to happen at lightening speed and is extremely frightening. I was fully dilated when i arrived at hospital with DC1 but only about 7-8cm with DC2.

This time I'll have no qualms about calling an ambulance if it feels like either of the previous labours... shock. And I have about 4 neighbours/friends lined up nearby to look after the children who realise they'll need to get to us within a few minutes as and when.

Just really hope DC3 doesn't come early because fast and early is not a good combination. The baby would need help breathing (probably) if it arrives now so I really don't want to give birth unattended....

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