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help! told i have strep b after birth

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deborah86 Fri 21-Nov-14 20:09:19

Just had my midwife on the phone and she has told me i have strep b. She said it wasnt there in any of my urine test through my pregnancy but because my stitches have been sore i asked to get checked for infections and this has came back. Has anyone else had this after birth? Worried about what affects this can have on our baby. Shes only 6 days old and now i feel like im just worrying and not enjoying every moment

Only positive out comes please

Queenofknickers Fri 21-Nov-14 20:15:54

Drs or even labour ward should be happy to put your mind at rest. I would give the GP out of hours or the hospital a call for reassurance xxx
Ps congratulations on your baby! thanksthanksthanksthanks

madammoose Fri 21-Nov-14 20:30:57

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

When I had my son I ended up with a strep B infection in my bloodstream. I had i/v antibiotics initially and then meds to take home. As the infection was in my blood at birth my son had a prophylactic course of Gentamicin.

Neither of us had any ill effects and we are both well and happy. He did take a while to learn to latch on and I struggled with breastfeeding for the first 6 weeks, after that it went like a dream and saved me endless time & money smile

I hope that reassures to some small extent and that you get some clear & good advice from the midwife / health visitor / GP. Best of luck and enjoy the magical new baby snuggles!

divingoffthebalcony Sun 23-Nov-14 20:46:09

I'm pretty sure if your DD had contracted Group B Strep during the birth it would have come to light by now. Since she's 6 days old and hasn't shown signs of infection, you can stop worrying.

I found out I had GBS before I gave birth, and my DD was only monitored for 24 hours before getting the all clear.

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