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Overdue and miserable :-( what worked for you?

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Teatimecakes Fri 21-Nov-14 06:29:22

40+4 wks today. I know it's only a little bit over but this pregnancy has been stressful and due to a previous section my options are natural labour or elcs - which I'm desperate to avoid. Consultant is great and isn't imposing any hard and fast section date - yet. But Mondays appointment is likely to change that. So what got your dc on the move? Willing to try anything! Thanks.

rootypig Fri 21-Nov-14 06:31:31

Spending a whole day on my feet in John Lewis. Friendly assistant asked when I was due. Visibly alarmed by the reply: a week ago.


Teatimecakes Fri 21-Nov-14 06:41:45

Ok :-) think I can handle a day shopping :-)

MagratsHair Fri 21-Nov-14 06:46:58

I had antenatal acupuncture to avoid induction. The therapist came to my house and the needles went in my hands and feet. It wasn't painful.

It was worth it though DS2 was born in the following 48 hours and the entire labour took 4 hours smile

I'd recommend it

surroundedbyblondes Fri 21-Nov-14 06:53:27

Sex grin

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 21-Nov-14 06:54:43

Sex. Dc arrived less than 24 hours later.

batmanandrobin Fri 21-Nov-14 06:55:41

swimming after my sweep x

DeadCert Fri 21-Nov-14 07:03:19


Teatimecakes Fri 21-Nov-14 07:09:38

DH is very squeamish about sex when heavily pregnant - but this is becoming a needs must situation!!

Pastmyduedate0208 Fri 21-Nov-14 07:17:41

I am now 9 days OD and had my induction booked in and everything...
Nothing "worked" for me sorry! I was taking RLT capsules, having sex,

Pastmyduedate0208 Fri 21-Nov-14 07:20:52

.. Going for a walk everyday, eating curry and chilli....
The day I just mooched around and did none of any of these things, my contractions started!

Wish me luck please I am 40+8 today and have been in 1st stage labour for 24 hours now :-( xxccc

Teatimecakes Fri 21-Nov-14 07:21:09

9 days?! You poor thing. I really shouldn't be complaining! Ar you waiting it out or bring induced?

Pastmyduedate0208 Fri 21-Nov-14 07:21:45


Teatimecakes Fri 21-Nov-14 07:22:43

Wishing you lots and lots of luck. Everything crossed for you! Except legs of course! Lol! grin

Pastmyduedate0208 Fri 21-Nov-14 07:22:44

Willing this to hurry up!!!!

Teatimecakes Fri 21-Nov-14 07:23:36

Willing this to just bloody start!!!

ArthurShappey Fri 21-Nov-14 07:39:55

The only thing that helped me was induction at 40+11.

callamia Fri 21-Nov-14 07:55:56

I tried everything I could think of, but I put it down to the second sweep and some long walks. I did have acupuncture the day before too, and I've no idea whether it contributed, but it made me feel amazing.

Teatimecakes Fri 21-Nov-14 08:06:16

Think I might look into acupuncture today

fishfingerSarnies Fri 21-Nov-14 08:10:36

A c-section at 5.30 42 weeks... Sorry not helpful, but I found that planing something to look forward to ever day or so helps so, dinner with friends, cinema people over, long walks and pub lunches etc so that mind was off the fact the little cow wasn't coming out.
Good luck hope it happens soon for you. X

fishfingerSarnies Fri 21-Nov-14 08:12:05

Oh but I do think that if anything old have worked it would have been acupuncture I had contractions after.

Hoggle246 Fri 21-Nov-14 09:13:30

Acupuncture and sweep was done at the same time, contractions started the following evening. Not sure which of those it was but I suspect the sweep as it was brutal. I was 40+5 when I had it done, contractions +6 and ds born +7.
20 hour labour but managed to avoid induction so was worth it imo

northernmummeh Fri 21-Nov-14 09:19:29

Sweet FA.

Had an apt to be induced at 42+3 at 9:30am. Went to labour at 2am that morning.

2 fingers to the midwives that bullied and harassed me about that dead baby I was going to have if I didn't get induced at +10

RumAppleGinger Fri 21-Nov-14 09:25:58

40 + 3 today and thoroughly miserable too. Have had a rubbish pregnancy plagued with sickness and heartburn from week 3 and still ongoing. DS1 did me the disservice of coming early so I'd convinced myself this one would come early too so in my mind I'm already a couple of weeks over.

Teatimecakes Fri 21-Nov-14 10:42:55

Feel for you rum, I'm still having heartburn too, and sickness and nausea didn't ease til well after 20 wks. Really need to meet this baby now. Mummy has had enough :-(

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