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Please help me recover from my c section!

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Sheptonmum12 Thu 20-Nov-14 08:49:26

Had my c section on Monday- it was elective
They left catheter in over night so my first movement was Tuesday morning. I felt like I was going to rip in two when I stood up. The pain was like no other. Gradually it's getting better, Tuesday evening I could get in and out of bed on my own - it was hard but I could do it.
Yesterday I came home at about tea time. I'm keeping on top of my pain relief but one side of my stitches is sore is this normal? Feels like im constantly pulling on it!

Furniture at home isn't as friendly as hospital furniture - I'm struggling to get in and out of bed
Weirdly I feel better being on my feet and pottering around but I'm worried about over doing it

Id love to know people's recovery experiences and tips !!

FrogGreen Thu 20-Nov-14 09:05:34

Oh shep poor you, I felt pretty rough too after my first.

I was told it's normal to feel pain and pulling for the first week, but it should gradually get better over the week. By the 2nd week I was pretty much pain free, but still a bit anxious about the pain if that makes sense.

I asked my doctor "how careful do I need to be?" the answer was: be very careful about lifting, twisting and big movements like getting out of bed or standing up from the floor. But walking, pottering, gentle movements - all aid recovery.

Do you think that something feels wrong or are you just surprised at how bad you feel. If the former - you need to consult a doctor. If the former - that was me too! Do you have a MW or HV visiting?

RedToothBrush Thu 20-Nov-14 09:29:40

It sounds familiar to me. Same levels of pain at a similar time scale. I seemed to have a lot more pain and pulling than the majority of people who I've seen describe it on MN. Just take it easy. It was 2 to 3 weeks before it really started to ease for me. Getting out of bed was difficult. I did do it as I needed to and its supposed to be good to have some time on your feet, but I did spend a lot more time in bed than perhaps I'd anticipated. I would ask your midwife and HV about it just to be on the safe side, but it does sound within the boundaries of normal to me.

kaymondo Thu 20-Nov-14 09:41:33

I have to say, having had 2sections, my advice is to do absolutely nothing for at least a week - even if you feel capable of doing more. With my first section I tried to do too much too soon and ended up with an infection which was nasty and made overall recovery so much longer. The same happened to 2 of my friends (we're not really 'sit on the sofa all day' kind of women). I forced myself to take it really really easy second time round and felt so much better and recovered much quicker.

ireallydontlikemonday Thu 20-Nov-14 09:43:24

Stay on top of the painkillers, take rem every 4-6 hours regardless of I you feel in pain at that moment.

What have they given you? I had dicolfenac and paracetamol and was fine walking around on day 2. I don't think you should be in so much pain.

Didactylos Thu 20-Nov-14 09:55:26

what support have you got - is there anyone else with you?
delegate everything you possibly can to others and do only the essentials eg baby care and self care
regular painkillers
plan everything in advance and move slowly - did physio go through how to get up etc with you before going home?
a rolled up towel held against the section scar can be used to brace yourself/provide counterpressure eg if getting up, coughing etc
if the pain seems excessive or worsens, or scar looks inflamed/red speak to visiting midwife/see a doctor - pain experienced is very individual but if you are worried get a medical opinion

FelixTitling Thu 20-Nov-14 10:03:53

I second doing as little as absolutely possible. and be very careful getting up / sitting down. Dont pick up anything heavier than your baby.

I had 2 sections and I can remember being given instructions on how to fart!

Ask your midwife to check your scar when she comes. Recovery really should be quite quick after the first week, but don't rush it.

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