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pre-eclampsia worries

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russellgrantschin Thu 20-Nov-14 01:38:34

I have naturally very low blood pressure, so much so that I have a blood pressure monitor at home.

All through my pregnancy my blood pressure has been between 80/50 - 97/55.

Today it is suddenly 120/70. But because that is still considered "normal" blood pressure, no-one is noticing that it's quite a significant jump.

No protein in urine, no sweling. 39 weeks.

Ihatechoosingausername Thu 20-Nov-14 01:51:00

That score looks to be quite healthy I'd say. Have you been feeling any different?

russellgrantschin Thu 20-Nov-14 01:59:24

Feeling no different. It's just weird that it's a jump of 20. Eg, if I suddenly went from 120/70 to 140/90 they would probably check it out wouldn't they? But because I was so low before it looks harmless.

Ihatechoosingausername Thu 20-Nov-14 02:03:30

But the jump has been into the 'good' region so it's not something to worry about. If it was to go from 120/70 to 140/90 then that would be something to worry about because that would be deemed an unhealthy score.

I get what you're saying, it's scary for it to be so different. But it's a good change! I'd be surprised if it hikes again

redexpat Thu 20-Nov-14 07:30:34

With no other symptoms i think youre fine. thanks

TriciaMcM Thu 20-Nov-14 08:03:36

I have low bp too, mine has gone slightly up to average 100/65 or even 110/70 from 39 weeks to 41 weeks. No one is worried & gp well aware of my tendency to low bp. Mention it at next appt though, they can see your usual bp over the pregnancy at a glance from your chart. No medical basis for next opinion, but I wondered if it was the body's way of preparing for labour?

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