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induction success 38wks 1st labour closed cervix?

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omama Tue 18-Nov-14 06:29:19

Hi all. Hoping you may be able to share some success stories with me.

Am currently 37+3 with DC2 & docs want me to deliver on friday at 38wks due to preeclampsia.

I'd planned a vbac (previous elcs as ds was breech) so they are suggesting induction. However, they will only use one pessary to try & get things going & if that fails it will be another cs.

Baby's head is engaged & very low. Attempted sweep yesterday failed - cervix soft but still closed.

Midwife has suggested I really think between now & friday about whether to go down induction route or opt straight for a cs. She commented that with cervix not being so favourable, only getting a single atttempt and never having laboured before, odds of getting a vbac aren't really in my favour & it may be more likely to fail. I've asked doc for their opinion as to whether its worth even trying but they won't really commit either way.

Anyone success stories in similar circumstances would be much appreciated. Tia

iwantkhaleesiseyebrows Tue 18-Nov-14 08:08:42

Not quite the same but I had a sweep at 38 weeks because DD was measuring large and I was high risk for shoulder dystocia. The consultant who did the sweep said my cervix was closed and no way baby was coming our naturally any time soon . As it happens I still went into natural labour less than 72 hours later shock

Unrelated to that after failure to progress I ended up with an awful crash c-section. Personally if there was a high chance I'd end up with cs id go the elective route as safer than an emcs. However, I appreciate that a natural delivery is normally the safest of all and it's only with the benefit of hindsight that things become clearer.

Good luck for your birth.

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