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Did you buy a present/write a card for your obstetrician after the birth?

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hugefatso Sat 15-Nov-14 20:21:02

I know this is a first world problem, but... did you?

Jazzhandsrule Sat 15-Nov-14 20:22:33


Spinaroo Sat 15-Nov-14 20:24:21

Er, no- it was literally the last thing on my mind. I have the midwives in the ward some chocolates . I saw him about a year later in B&Q.

Chipandspuds Sat 15-Nov-14 20:26:29

I got a thank you card for my midwife and dropped it in a few days later when DS had his check up with the doctor, I just hope it got passed onto her!

ChazzerChaser Sat 15-Nov-14 20:27:41


cece Sat 15-Nov-14 20:28:40

No, I didn't have one. I did however, leave chocolates for the midwives when I left the hospital.

LadyHamiltonsPussy Sat 15-Nov-14 20:29:15

No but I did send a card and photo to the amazing and lovely epau nurse who saw me through an ectopic followed by a missed miscarriage then a stressful but healthy pregnancy. She was my lifeline and I was and am very grateful to her.

HaPPy8 Sat 15-Nov-14 20:29:39


Mrsgrumble Sat 15-Nov-14 20:31:37

I made a hamper for all the staff with a set of nice mugs, luxury coffee, tea and hot chocolate and biscuits etc

They raffled it on the ward for all staff from carers to doctors to students midwives etc - they loved it.

ISpyPlumPie Sat 15-Nov-14 20:39:19

I had mw-led care both times and did get them a tin of chocs and a card. I think it's a nice idea if possible, but I'm sure they won't be at all offended either if you don't get chance.

ireallydontlikemonday Sat 15-Nov-14 20:42:43

I sent cards and Krispy kremes to the team that delivered my 31 week twins, one of the peads had to be called in from holiday.

Clearly small in comparison to what they did but wanted to acknowledge as we all got transferred back to my local hospital after a couple of days.

TexanKenDoll Sat 15-Nov-14 20:48:06

We gave a donation to the charity he runs, and sent Peggy Porschen cakes to the rest of the team (anaesthetist, nurses etc). I love my obstetrician, he's a wonderful doctor and lovely person.

Back2Two Sat 15-Nov-14 20:51:27

Didn't set eyes on one.

I sent a card to the wonderful midwife who delivered my ds2. She was just lovely and will always be clear in my memory (can't remember her name though!)

TheOriginalWinkly Sat 15-Nov-14 20:56:54

DH dropped in lots of naice biscuits for the tea club, and I wrote a thank you card for the team a couple of weeks later - but my midwife and obstetrician both went above and beyond and I was very lucky to have such great medics.

Pyjamaface Sat 15-Nov-14 21:19:41

I gave a card and some chocolates to the labour ward, surgeon and SCBU and also a massive stack of magazines for the TV room on SCBU

ArchangelGallic Sat 15-Nov-14 21:25:04

Had a home birth so midwives only.
Sent a thank you card to the community midwife team and flowers to my named MW.

lemonpoppyseed Sat 15-Nov-14 21:26:04

The hospital I gave birth at has a program where you can donate in a member of staff's (or team's) honour. It could be anyone from the head of the birth unit to the volunteer who made you a cup of tea just after the birth. We made a donation in honour of my OB and her team.

pigsunited Sun 16-Nov-14 01:55:04

I sent a thank you card to the midwives that took care of us

Mummymidwife87 Tue 18-Nov-14 05:09:49

I gave a card with a picture of baby in and some molton brown hand cream for the two midwives that looked after me during my induction, some molton brown shower gel moisturiser and card with baby picture in for the midwife who cared for me in labour, molton brown hand cream and card with pic in for the senior registrar who stayed after her shift and did my section, then a box of green and blacks treat sized chocolate bars with a card for the birth centre staff who looked after me afterwards and let me stay for 9days until me and baby got a room on a paed ward.
I gave a card to scbu. Nnu got nothing but will be getting a letter with my concerns about how they treated myself when baby was in ICU and HDU.

As a midwife, we appreciate personal cards and photos more than anything else.

FeelingIrie Tue 18-Nov-14 05:21:11

I gave cards and chocolates to the three wards I had spent quite a bit of time in both before and after birth - antenatal assessment, antenatal and post-natal. I had also had loads of contact with two particular consultants in the last 6 weeks of what turned out to be a high-risk pregnancy and I wrote them thank you letters with a photo of DD a few weeks after the birth - one of the consultants delivered her by ELCS. Their care was outstanding.

Orangedaisy Tue 18-Nov-14 05:50:09

A card for the mlu and cards and m&s voucher (£25 each) for the two midwives who delivered dd.

UsernameAlreadyInUse Tue 18-Nov-14 12:45:43

I wrote a letter to the Chief Executive of the hospital trust, expressing our gratitude to all the people who helped me and DH through some very difficult times - not just the obstetrician, but Fetal Medicine and Bereavement services. CC to all the people mentioned in the letter and enclosed some photos. Got a handsigned letter back saying thank you for writing in as it was so rare that patients said thank you!

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