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Scheduling ELCS - What's Normal?

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brainfidget Sat 08-Nov-14 15:16:28

I need a c-section, as my twins are presenting awkwardly, and have done all along. I'm now 36+2, and they need to be delivered between 37+0 and 37+6, but I cannot be booked in as the ELCS slots are all booked! The hospital only looked at the schedule when I was 35+6, yet it seemed to me that it was quite likely that the twins had run out of room to move by the 32 week scan.

I am told I will now have to wait for a cancellation... at this rate I can see myself going into labour and needing EMCS, with the additional risks. Or go beyond 38 weeks, also with additional risks. At the moment they have no slots available till 39.5 weeks!

If you needed an ELCS, how far ahead were you booked, and why?

Trying to get an understanding of what is "normal" scheduling, or whether my hospital is being a bit "just-in-time".

Mothersruin75 Sat 08-Nov-14 16:54:01

I had twins last year and was booked in at 24 weeks for my elcs. After a pretty unpleasant forceps delivery first time I'd been requesting an elcs since I knew it was twins. They did say to me as I was booking in that the slots were filling up already! I had them as planned at 37+2 and there was no sign of them putting in an appearance of their own accord.

This time I was booked in at 20 weeks (it's not twins!) and will be having the baby at 39 weeks exactly.

I was told that if I go into labour I will have a c section when I turn up at the hospital if it's early enough. Whilst this would be classed as an emergency c section it's not quite the same as a c section due to the babies having problems.

If you go over 38 weeks would they keep an eye on the placenta function for you? Plus do you know where you are on the list for a cancellation? Spaces must come up due to those elective going into labour before the date. It does sound as though they have been a bit last minute, sorry.

Good luck - twins are hard work but amazing. Ours (15 months) give each other kisses now and it melts my heart every time.

HappyAsASandboy Sat 08-Nov-14 17:00:48

I had an ELCS with twins. I was booked in at about 28 weeks I think, scheduled for 38+1.

I made it to 38+1 with no sign of labour and had the section as planned.

Vinylux Sat 08-Nov-14 21:31:29

I would really put your foot down with the hospital. I am absolutely not someone who would usually encourage complaining to/about the NHS for all sorts of reasons but in this case it sounds like it could become a safety issue. I would start making a big fuss (if you haven't already).

brainfidget Sun 09-Nov-14 19:32:27

Thanks for the info ladies. Your experiences do sound better planned than mine so far.

I guess I am left with the question as to whether the hospital should have scheduled me or not, based on the fact that the way the twins were lying at 24, 28, and 32 weeks has been awkward all along.

I didn't specifically ask for a CS, I was kind of informed that if twin 1 was head down, the it would be VB, and if twin 1 was other presentation, then CS.

I know it's possible twin 1 could have gone head down and make VB a possibility at any time, but considering about 50% of all twins are born via CS, and their presentation has consistently been the same, I'm starting to feel that a sensible approach should have been earlier scheduling for CS, and then I'd have been one of the cancelled ones if appropriate later on.
Doing it the other way round seems to introduce more risks, so I am annoyed.

I am unsure how much fuss to kick up, after all, I'm going to be relying on these people to be on my side and do their best for the babies when born.

I was expecting a call to sort something out on Thurs, and then Fri last week, but nothing. I'm not sure what good formal complaining will do - I can't see them cancelling someone else's scheduled CS.

I don't know where I am on the cancellations list, I guess that's one of the questions I have when I finally get to speak to someone. I am going to chase them tomorrow.

Also am annoyed since NiCE guidelines are to offer twin mums CS from 37+0, yet at the moment I'm being offered nothing!

ALso just cannot walk anymore, hips are giving out, feet swollen so can only fit into DH's wellies now and none of own luvverly shoes (thank God it's not summer!), got carpal tunnel, fat fingers and blurry vision, so all in all these babies need to come out soon. (Not PE symptoms as BP and urinalysis all OK.)

Mothersruin your twins kissing each other sounds absolutely adorable!!! grin

Thanks again for advice ladies.

Mothersruin75 Sun 09-Nov-14 23:29:44

Good luck with following up tomorrow, personally I wouldn't kick up a fuss at this point, like you said you want these people to deliver your babies (I'm not the best at confrontation). I would be firm on the phone and not finish the call until you have answers to all your questions. Perhaps make a written list? I always have a brilliant list of questions in my head but if I don't write it down I forget them all... I would be annoyed in your (or your DHs) wellies with the way the hospital has treated you. Let us know how you get on, I'm rooting for you.

The last few weeks of twin pregnancy are very hard going, I'm now 37+2 with this one and feel uncomfortable but it's only like the twin one at about 28 weeks!

My DTs are adorable - but I'm very, very biased grin

BoffinMum Sun 09-Nov-14 23:40:11

I'd ask for an appointment with a consultant on the basis that you are worried about the risk and worried the hospital can't cope at the moment ... They will then reassure you (hopefully) and book you in there and then with a magically appearing appointment, bet you!

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