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watford general- experiences please

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catnip85 Wed 05-Nov-14 07:48:18

Morning ladies,

I'm 14w with DC1, low risk and have been booked into the ABC unit at Watford general in Herts for the birth next may.

Has anyone given birth here and, if so, what was your experience like? All stories, good and bad please! I live about 30mins away so am a little concerned about getting to the hospital in time if its a match day... (football stadium is right next door)

theHowlatWooooooCorner Wed 05-Nov-14 07:56:09

My experience was 6 years ago, so not terribly relevant.
Any negatives were really caused by the unit bring far too busy which I guess can happen anywhere.
The staff were excellent.
I didn't get to use the pool, but I understand that they are being 'done up' st the mo.
I lived a similar distance away and had the same concern, but it wasn't a factor in the end. My plan was that if I went in early and was told that I wasn't far enough into labor, that I'd either hang around the hospital or walk into town rather than drive home again.
Good luck, enjoy your pregnancy!

BunnyB39 Wed 05-Nov-14 18:21:22

I was a student midwife at Watford and can honestly say that the women I helped look after on ABC had mostly lovely experiences and very good care. The atmosphere there is much calmer than on delivery suite and the midwives are less rushed off their feet. I am pregnant now and if I was low risk ( I'm not), I'd have no hesitation in going there. Hope this helps!

catnip85 Thu 06-Nov-14 07:11:50

That's a great help, thank you howlat and bunny. Good tip about going into town as well if sent away, ill bear that in mind!

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