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'latent labour this is normal' sent home for the 3rd time!!!!

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mismylinford Sun 02-Nov-14 15:59:56

40 weeks tomorrow. I've been getting regular contractions for 10 days now. they get to 3/4 minutes and very painful. day 3 of pains i got convinced to get checked and i was 2/3cm dilated told to go home 6 very acute pains and off i go again to be examined at 4cm and sent to labour ward contractions still at 3/4 minutes apart. sent home after no further dilated after 3 hours. the contractions do suddenly drop away when this happens my body goes into total shut down and i can't even.walk from exhaustion. but after 16-18 hours of contraction pain can't blame me. so yesterday has a massive show and have been loosing bloody show since. i feel so sore down there battered and bruised already. when in with acute pains again this morning and cervix is still 4cm but its changed to 100% effaced. baby is fine and head is fully engaged mw could feel head threw waters membrane. waters still intact.they told me this is normal and its latent labour and i don't seem in that much pain. i told them i handle pain very well and was quite happily laughing and joking at 7cm with dd, i told them i am in alot of pain i just don't want to moan and scream as i need my energy. still they insist everything is normal and i could be like this for 2 weeks before they will break waters for me. very sternly toldto not.come in again untill contractions are 1-2 minutes and are that painful i can't stand (i point i didn't get to with dd as i handle pain well) or if i.loose waters... (they were broken at 7cm with dd).
i ve spent 10 days with intense contractions for at least 12 hours a day. 4cm and fully effaced is normal?? and could send 2 weeks like it?? anyone else experienced this. family have said to just act up and show the pain your in and give up and take pain killers. (an opinion i.don't want to go.down as i don't want the feeling u get with drugs don't like not feeling incontrol).

madwomanbackintheattic Sun 02-Nov-14 16:04:10

I eventually gave birth 2 weeks after my show. Having had contractions like you've described for the full two weeks. I didn't bother to go to the hospital though, although I did call them a few times.

I went in when my waters broke - although they did send me home again once lol. I barfed all over the house and went straight back. It was still 24 hours from waters to birth.

At least you know you are nearly there, good luck x

madwomanbackintheattic Sun 02-Nov-14 16:06:34

<and I totally understand the pain thing. Even when I re-presented myself they kept telling me I wasn't in established labour. They didn't't examine me until I was 7cms as they said there was no point>

5madthings Sun 02-Nov-14 16:14:11

I had this with ds3 and ds4 it is exhausting.

Things I found helped, sitting on birth ball or toilet. Making a big nest so I could sleep sort of kneeling up even with the contractions.

Once you are overdue will they do a sweep?

The good news is that once Labour gets going it is likely to be quick, though in my case with ds4 it was a little too quick!

So yes it is normal but exhausting.

I take it you have tried the old wives tales to get things to kick off pproperly? Sex walking sideways up and down stairs helps put pressure on cervix.

Sex not fun when as you say you feel all bruised etc, lots of baths or even going to a pool to get the water to support the weight of baby.

thanks good luck

ohthegoats Sun 02-Nov-14 18:22:43

I had this too. In the end labour wasn't quick either. Just try try try to sleep. I kept trying to get things moving, but all that did was knacker me out. It'll start properly when it's ready, utilising then take painkillers have baths and try to sleep.

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