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Second CS nerves - any reassuring stories?

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freelancegirl Thu 30-Oct-14 11:29:44

I am due to have a second CS in December for my second DC. DC1 was initially breach but did turn last minute. I went ahead with the section anyway as having had previous losses I was nervous about it all going wrong at the last minute. I know there are risks with CS' of course but I have had very medicalised pregnancies (history of recurrent mc and a lot of treatment) and apparently it's quite common for people like me to prefer the known risks of a CS.

CS went really well, I lost a bit of blood but not enough for a transfusion. Recovery was fine. But I am aware it is major surgery and I am a bit nervous about having another one. I don't want to go for the alternative though so a CS it is. Have you had more than one CS and if so do you have positive experiences of this?

LandOfCakes Thu 30-Oct-14 19:43:01

I've had 2 ELCS and the recovery was no worse than the first. I was in a bit more pain but that was because I had a cough - it was really sore after each bout of coughing.

I lost less blood this time - I think I was borderline last time as well.

My 2nd CS was due to my waters breaking but labour not progressing. I decided not to have an induction so went to theatre after 3 nights of broken sleep. I think I was a bit more nervous this time but I think it c was because it wasn't planned (though still classed as an ELCS). I did ask for the curtain to be lowered so I could see DD being delivered abdominal that was really special.

I think it's taking longer for my stomach to get back to normal (DD is 6 months) but that could just be a second pregnancy thing. What are you worried about specifically?

I was planning for a VBAC but I always knew is prefer a CS to a difficult VB so I'm ok with it all though I did have a few doubts after about if I should have tried harder. That has faded now though. Good luck.

LandOfCakes Thu 30-Oct-14 19:43:36

Abdominal = and!

Wednesbury Thu 30-Oct-14 19:58:07

I'm having my third CS in December. The other two were both emergencies but there was no difference in terms of recovery. In fact, despite the second one being a category 1 EMCS under GA I probably recovered better from it than from the first (I'd had an epidural already so was conscious) because second time round I know what to expect. I'm actually more nervous about going into this one cold so to speak, but hoping I'll be more compos mentis for the baby arriving.

When abouts in December are you going in?

freelancegirl Thu 30-Oct-14 23:14:58

I will be going in on the 23rd dec! When is yours? Hope to be home on Christmas Day but last time I was in for three nights. I'm hoping that was more about establishing feeding and I will get out earlier this time.

Not sure what I'm worried about this time, just the whole thing is nerve wracking. I find myself searching for stories of people having nice cs' on here quite a lot! I know people have operations all the time so I'm trying to be reassured by that.

I agree though, land of cakes, that a straightforward cs is definitely more appealing than a difficult vb especially having had a cs already. So for me it's the best of not very appealing options!

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