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Second section date booked but what if I go into labour beforehand?

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dottytablecloth Wed 29-Oct-14 06:41:14

Got my second section date agreed and booked yesterday.

I'm really pleased, there was no discussion or debate just a simple case of "are you sure?" Anyway on the date of the section I will be 39+2 weeks and with dc1 waters went at 38+5, so I'm slightly worried about what would happen.

The reason for my anxiety is that hospital were v v forceful about vbac in earlier appointments and I really had to be firm that I wouldn't change my mind. There's a small part of me worrying that if I go into natural labour they might just forget about my agreed section.

wonkylegs Wed 29-Oct-14 06:53:19

I'm going to ask this question on Friday. They have agreed on a section at 39wks but my waters broke at 36wks last time, so was induced and I ended up with an emergency section.
I've been told it's likely to happen again so I'm guessing it'll be an emergency section again. I'll ask not to be induced though as several days of induced labour was exhausting.
I think all you can do is ask.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 29-Oct-14 06:57:01

Don't worry. A consultant (or their reg) has agreed to the section. Noone will change that decision if they want to keep their body parts intact!

SmileAndNod Wed 29-Oct-14 07:09:33

I went into labour whilst still dithering about a planned section date and ended up with an emergency. I think one the decision has been made and signed off, surely it's only you that can ask for it to be changed ie if you change your mind and want a vbac?

HappyAsASandboy Wed 29-Oct-14 08:27:32

I am in the same position. I have a second section booked (for 40+2!).

The registrar that agreed it said she'd booke it for after 40 weeks so that I had a higher chance of going into labour naturally and might decide to VBAC. My community midwife said that if I do go into labour before the booked CS then they will offer me all the options again but should proceed to CS if I am certain of my decision.

As it is, I have a whole load of decorating to do in my annual leave before maternity (week 37 to 40), so this baby is not going to arrive before 40+2! It really isn't grin

SmileAndNod Wed 29-Oct-14 09:11:12

Hmm. I went into labour about six hours after a very experienced midwife categorically stated that I definitely would NOT go into labour as I was far too anxiousgrin

imip Wed 29-Oct-14 09:15:26

My waters broke at 38 weeks with dc3. I had a planned section that turned into an emergency section. Annoying, as it was in the night and we had a crap dr. On this basis, it was agreed that dc4's section would be at 38 weeks despite being very insistent that sections should be carried out at 39 weeks (ironically, dc 2, 3 and 4 were all born at 38+2).

You should be offered an emergency section.

HaPPy8 Wed 29-Oct-14 10:09:24

I have been told that if i go in to labour beforehand i will be assessed and they will discuss with me what is happening at the time and it may be appropriate for them to then encourage normal delivery (which i don't want). They will still endeavour to do the section but there is always the chance that if the delivery suite is busy or there are other emergencies going on that my section wouldn't be priority assuming all well with baby, and I cant argue with that really.

LoadsaBlusher Thu 30-Oct-14 09:51:14

I had a pre booked section planned for DC 2 ( emergency section with DC1).
I asked this exact same question. as first baby was early and labour part before section quite quick
They basically said if I went into natural labour before section date then it would most likely be a VBAC attempt
I went into labour 5 days before section date ,got to hospital, whilst waiting to get prepped for section ( I had been quite adamant I was booked for section!) , It all went to quickly and they told me I was too far on and had to deliver baby naturally ! DC 2 was born within 2 hrs of being in hospital start to finish
Sometimes I look back and think - did they stall the gowning up, consent signing so that I would HAVE to have VBAC...
In the end I'm glad I had VBAC though as was up and about and home same day and able to drive etc

MissF82 Thu 30-Oct-14 10:20:37

I was booked in for a maternal request elcs at 39+4. My contractions started at 38+6 and I went straight to the maternity assessment unit. I arrived at 2.00 and baby was born by emcs at 4.00. The consultant just asked if I was sure I still wanted a section, there was no argument or attempt to try and make me labour naturally.

cheesecakemom Fri 31-Oct-14 21:00:10

Go in as soon as you feel contractions - that's what I was advised to do. Good luck

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