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Coccyx pain 12 days post-birth!

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Loveallmyboys Sat 25-Oct-14 07:51:51

Oh Lordy! I haven't really suffered with afterpains but I'm in agony with pain in my coccyx-worse when I need to poop!
I had coccyx pain after DS2 as I think he knocked my coccyx on his way out, and it did eventually tail off(pardon the pun!) but wondering if this vaginal delivery has done more damage?
Anyone else in/been in the same painful boat and how they managed it?confused

Molotov Sun 26-Oct-14 19:02:02

I have sad Had dd1 vaginally in 2009 after 2hrs of unsuccessful pushing. She came out via ventouse; I had an episiotomy.

The coccyx pain started about an hour into pushing. It hurt more than pushing. It hurt more than my episiotomy.

I suffered the pain aa 'one of those things' from childbirth. Until one day, when she was 4mo, I couldn't walk up the stairs carrying her because of the pain. I also hadn't been able to lower her into her cot without feeling pain.

I had six sessions of private physio and that helped smile I do not sit or lie directly on my butt ever (5.8y on); I do not overstretch my legs because that sets it off.

I also requested an ELCS for dd2 in 2012 as I couldn't risk that damage again.

You have my sympathy.

Redling Sun 26-Oct-14 21:45:50

I had a ventouse delivery too! And 10 weeks post birth my coccyx is still in a lot of pain. Doctor has said that due to hormones my ligaments will still be soft so any damage can't be sorted yet. I might go to a private physio/osteopath and see as it is making looking after DS harder than it needs to be. It's painful to sit and feed him, especially in bed at night as I have to sit up.

TMC12 Mon 27-Oct-14 19:05:11

I gave birth 3 months ago and have had awful coccyx pain ever since. I didn't feel it at the time as I had an epidural but the next day I could hardly move! I'm currently seeing a private chiropractor who has helped alot and seems confident that he can fix me. There's a good website which has recommended specialists in different areas.

PickledSprout Sat 01-Nov-14 09:45:37

I broke my coccyx during delivery. Was in pain for a year or so though it did improve over that time. Standing was much easier than sitting. Soft chairs/sofas were not good. Still need a cushion with the back missing to sit on when I drive.

Hoping next birth doesn't end the same way. Have been given the ok to go for another vaginal birth so fingers crossed bones have healed out of the way!

thomasstockmann Sun 16-Nov-14 20:21:38

I gave birth 10 months ago and still in pain. I still can't drive and sitting in a car is difficult.
My advice: women's health physio + paracetamol 1gx4 times a day
My agony started to recede at 7 months, thanks to the physio.
She checked my coccyx felt ok (pain free when touched) and she massages the tissues around and the scars to release tension. It works but it takes time + pelvic floor exercises with complete muscle relaxation at the end (to make sure nothing is pulling on the coccyx).

[I had a very traumatic birth: 2 ventouse, forceps, episiotomy, 2d degree tear, primary and secondary PPH. Result: healthy baby, faecal incontinence, prolapse (couldn't walk further than half a mile for 3 months), difficulty passing urine, coccyx pain (could not sit down for months, still can't drive).]

Hope you get better soon!

1charlie1 Mon 17-Nov-14 02:33:41

My coccyx fractured 6 months ago during DS's birth. I had a large episiotomy and a very bad tear, but I barely noticed them afterwards - it was all about the coccyx. I didn't sit for weeks, as even my wedge pillow didn't help. Only fed DS lying down for 4 weeks. Like others, my physio helped. 6 months down the track I still have some discomfort, especially when DS is going through a spurt and wants to feed a lot, necessitating lots of sitting. But it's much, much better. My sympathies, it's awful.

polkadotdelight Mon 17-Nov-14 02:38:28

I have coccyx pain too. DS is 7 weeks old. I didnt realise it was so common.

Thumbwitch Mon 17-Nov-14 02:50:19

Go to a physio, or an osteopath, or a chiropractor.

After I had Ds2, I had changed the shape of the back of my pelvis completely (the sacral area, ilio-sacral joints) - it was fully flexed and I knew this because of the way I couldn't go to the toilet any more (don't really want to give too many details but it was all different/wrong). 2 sessions with my osteopath (I see one regularly) released it and put things back to their "normal" position, so I could go to the loo properly again.

I think it's a real shame that post-partum physio or other isn't offered as a general thing - think about how much pressure you've been putting on your pelvic region with all that pushing, it's no wonder lots of women have troubles afterwards, and it doesn't always just resolve itself, what happens more often is that the body compensates around the change.

Thumbwitch Mon 17-Nov-14 02:52:04

And redling - your doctor's advice is not helpful - it is far better to get things put back into place now while your ligaments are still soft, rather than wait until they've "hardened" again in the "wrong" position.

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