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Reviews on chesterfield royal hospital?

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Hayley3108 Thu 16-Oct-14 14:35:54

Hi, im due to give birth to my second baby in december at chesterfield. I had my first baby in jessops hospital sheffield. And was not impressed at all so decided to transfer to chesterfield for this one. Just wondering what peoples experiences have been like there?? smile

emmeline7725 Sun 19-Oct-14 15:11:53

I had my daughter there in January this year. It was a pretty quick labour (we arrived at the hospital at 11.45pm and she was born at 3.15am) so I didn’t actually spend much time on the delivery suite. However I was pleased with the care I received. Midwives were friendly. Facilities were very good, I had a room with a pool in it, I don't know whether all the rooms have a pool. I was taken to the maternity ward at around 6 am. Again, staff were very helpful. The whole place was spotless.
My only criticism was that my midwife seemed to take her time when she went off to get me any pain relief (diamorphine I think first, then pethidine) And because my labour progressed so quickly, I was too far along each time she returned with the pain relief so I couldn't have any. Although, as I said, everything moved much more quickly than expected so it wasn't really her fault.
Hope everything goes well for you. I would definitely return there if I have another baby.

CrawlyDreads Sun 21-Dec-14 12:23:28

That's good to know as I am in there in April and I've been looking for someone who has been in recently. Thanks smile

brimfullofasha Sun 21-Dec-14 20:57:19

Following as I had my first at Jessops and am considering Chesterfield for my second in the spring. Friends who've given birth there have been very happy with the care and facilities. I hear they have a pool in each room rather than just one at Jessops.

CrawlyDreads Mon 22-Dec-14 00:01:42

I was told by my midwife they have just had a new birth centre\refurb and have got 4 new pools. it sounds really nice smile

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