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torn inner labia after forceps

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kittyb Thu 08-Apr-04 14:26:06

an embarrassing one but has anyone else experienced this? I didnt notice for a few weeks after birth because everything was quite painful anyway. But I'm left with this small torn flap of skin (sorry tmi I know) which is annoying. I assume it was the forceps but I dont know. I have never mentioned it to any health professional but I wonder why no-one noticed or mentioned it to me at the time (my episiotomy was stitched straightaway), or in any postnatal checks. Has anyone else experienced this ?

MrsDoolittle Thu 08-Apr-04 14:58:01

I'd get it looked at staright away. It's easier to do something about now (for health professionals) and it would put your mind at rest!!

hewlettsdaughter Thu 08-Apr-04 14:59:15

Hi kittyb, sorry I have no experience but would you feel comfortable mentioning it to your GP/MW? Maybe it was noticed but not thought to be a problem? You know your body best and they should be able to check it out for you if it is causing you problems.

stace Thu 08-Apr-04 16:59:14

hi kittyb, i torn there too in childbirth 4 years ago and was very very uncomfortable for a year or so!!! are you uncomfortable or just concerned cosmetically? s

kittyb Fri 09-Apr-04 22:51:11

its just cosmetic now, and a bit annoying. Its good to hear that I'm not the only one!

stace Sat 10-Apr-04 17:04:52

are you planning any other kids? im pregnant now and have already asked that if i rip again they make absolutely certain that the sort me out properly this time. So its a catch 22 i dont want to rip again but if i do i might get a designer ******

goosey Sat 10-Apr-04 18:25:38

Well this is my first post as I have been lurking for a while. I thought I was the only person to have a torn inner labia so am sooo pleased that I'm not. Sorry for you though!! Mine tore during the natural birth of my first child 16years ago. I was really scared it might get worse and tear even more with subsequent pregnancies, but I went on to have two more natural deliveries and then a caesarian with no further tearing at all. I think I am still extra sensitive in that region though, and don't like to be touched there by anyone else as it feels as if it might 'catch' and pull.

stace Sat 10-Apr-04 18:28:54

goosey, i feel the same way etc but its half comforting to thing that i may not tear again this time.

VFeist Sat 10-Apr-04 21:57:13

hi kittyb, I tore quite badly during the natural (but induced) birth of my son who's now three. I still have some sensitivity there, enough for it to have restricted, but not ended, my sex life.
I went to my GP quite soon after the birth and she took it very seriously and I was referred to an Obstetrician very quickly (She said that this is a very common problem). I think it's important to ask your GP to examine you soon so you can be referred.
I think the psychological effects of this kind of physical 'birth trauma' can really hamper your sex life so it's worth at the very least being reassured. It may be a very simple procedure to make you feel like yourself again. Good luck and I hope you get a good response.

stace Sat 10-Apr-04 22:03:53

Vfiest, does that mean you had the problem rectified? and if so how long did it take to heal? and are you saying that you are still sensitive there? Sorry to ask so many questions

VFeist Sun 11-Apr-04 00:19:51

I had scarring from a fairly deep vaginal tear which was stitched after the birth by an obstetrician.

A few months later my gp, and the obs she referred me to, both thought the repair looked ok but confirmed that there was scarring and gave me an antibiotic to rule out infection (which can be a cause of sensitivity) and said come back if you want to talk to us about it in the future.

So it was three years ago and I do still feel sensitive but it is gradually, very slowly, decreasing. I can only assume that it is the scar that is painful and it's not that the original stitches were poorly done.

The gp also said another birth is a potential opportunity to fix a previous problem.

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