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Which London hospitals are most open to elective c-sections?

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BeckyWilson78 Tue 23-Sep-14 20:01:06

Hi, I'm new here but I have just found out I'm expecting my second child and I was hoping for some advice. I live in London and had an extremely bad experience of my first labour which was natural. For me to be able to feel relaxed about this pregnancy I really need to feel like I can have an elective c-section. My GP is extremely supportive and is trying to get me into St Thomas' although I have been warned it's unlikely. We are in SE London so my local trust is ruled out after last time. Please can anyone advise me of any London hospitals that will actually follow the NICE guidelines and offer an elective c-section on request? I know you have to go through the rigmorole of seeing a counsellor etc first in order to get it. My most likely option of hospital is King's College.
Thanks in advance :-)

FromagePlease Tue 23-Sep-14 20:53:40

Sorry to hear you had a tough time with your birth.

I had a tough recovery from my first and had to have subsequent surgery. I've also had some PND and PTSD issues as a result. Even so, my St Thomas' consultant highlighted that any subsequent labour would likely have to be natural. I was seeing him privately, but was asking about NHS options, so I think he was being fairly honest. He said it's an absolute battle to have a csection at St T's.

I don't mean to make things sound dreadful, just that St Thomas' might not be the solution for you. I can't comment on King's I'm afraid.

Hope you get the solution you need. For me the uncertainty means I might not try for another, which is really rather sad.

lisaloulou84 Tue 23-Sep-14 21:06:15

I can't comment on elective c-sections but can on kings in general as I has my DS there. V busy all the time, and terribly short staffed. Post natal care pretty crappy. But should you need it the special care unit is second to none. There was someone in my antenatal class having an elective even though it was her first because she wanted to be in control, she was having it at kings.

Messinthemorning Tue 23-Sep-14 22:38:58

Hi-I have had both babies at university college hospital and highly recommend them. My first birth went disastrously wrong,and I am convinced that had baby not been at UCLH, he wouldn't be here. Needless to say,they were so compassionate and understanding when I said I wanted #2 to be elective section. They did try to tell me that 'it probably would be a safe natural birth this time around as my body had done all the hard work already with #1),and I think they have to have those conversations with you.but I was very firm in my decision that I wanted my elective section and they were very supportive. If you read the nice guidance,the hospital is required to have specific conversations with the patient to explain risk etc-but if you stand your ground and insist that you can't cope with a natural birth(use words like trauma,stress,worry,anxiety etc) they have to accept your wishes.dont let them talk you into starting off natural and seeing how things go either-I have heard that some medics will use that to change your mind!!uclh is great also as their neonatal itu is wonderful in case of emergency.have to warn you though-their post natal ward is awful,understaffed and the staff who are there are get absolutely no help even post one even helped me with my baby overnight.if you stay there sneak your mum/husband in to stay and I left within 24hours as the noise was dreadful.i suppose they focus on the people who are unwell.... All in all,i will have my next one there too as the most important thing is the safety of mum and baby.uclh should accept you too as they are a foundation trust and therefore want as many patients as possible to use their service.good luck!!

Messinthemorning Tue 23-Sep-14 22:43:48

Ps I also lived in SE london and Uclh accepted me.

BeckyWilson78 Wed 24-Sep-14 18:29:04

Sorry for the delay replying I have had trouble getting into the site on my phone.
Thanks so much for all your replies. frontage please I'm so sorry to hear about your experience, thanks for telling me about st thomas'
Lisalouou84 and messinthemorning thanks for telling me about kings and uchl, both are on my list to look at and it's very reassuring that they will support elective c section

janey1234 Fri 26-Sep-14 06:08:58

I got an elcs agreed at Homerton. Long way for you but they were brilliant throughout.

skitter Fri 26-Sep-14 06:21:29

I can't tell you for sure about St Thomas's policy on elective c-sections but I had my ds there. They were ok...but I had a third degree tear (episiotomy that extended in tear). Their pelvic floor/perinneal clinic were great and basically said I could have a c-section next time if I wanted. They offered great support and advice. Whether they would follow through with an elective c-section in practice I dont know...we no longer live in the area. I did find the staff on the postnatal ward very helpful and had a great chat with their supervisor of midwives about my labour and delivery which led to me making a formal complaint against one of the midwives present at the birth, so from that perspective I'd recommend them.

fatpony Fri 26-Sep-14 15:41:25

Hi becky, I am booked into the Whittington for an ELCS. I had no problems - the consultant discussed the risks with me etc, popped out to talk to another consultant for ten mins, and came back with the approval. He was very understanding in general. I'm due in two weeks. I had my medical notes with me from another London hospital which helped with the argument why I wanted one. But I didn't really have to argue. I did take DH with me who didn't have to say anything but was a reassuring presence.

Victoria2002 Sun 28-Sep-14 15:37:49

Just for reference, Chelsea Westminster have a printed page they stuck in the front of your ante-natal notes explaining they don't do elective C-sections.

BeckyWilson78 Tue 30-Sep-14 11:48:10

Thanks so much for all your advice it's great to hear in some respects but c&w position seems odd given that it's at odds with nice advice but good to know as I had thought about that place.
I found out today that I have got st Thomas's, it's the one place where I would consider a natural birth so feeling very relieved and also thankful for having such a great gp who made a good case for me.
Thanks again

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